Taking The Hit: VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge from Quill

"The Quill is Mightier than the Pen."

VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge produced by Quill

This beautiful and FULLY recyclable vape pen definitely brings a new level to discreetly medicating while on the go. Thanks to its small size and sleek silver appearance, this pen can be easily concealed within a purse or pocket [although we never recommend leaving vape pens in one's pocket].

Filled with 0.75g of premium CO2 extract and paired with a bright white light at the bottom to display a draw effect, this pen is perfect for short or long pulls and is crazy easy to adjust your dosage. Fist off, I noticed the strain itself was exceptionally beneficial! Not only did it massively relieve every discomfort I was experiencing [i.e. lower back pain, headaches, & menstrual cramping to be specific], but it also provided a wonderful dose of a full on body/mind relaxation. Due to the high amounts of CBD within this strain VC/DC makes for a great option for anyone looking to Medicate without speculation.

VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge produced by Quill

VC/DC was created through crossing Viper City OG x AC/DC to produce a wonderful 2:1 CBD strain that presents with a nicely rounded high. And finally, when your pen has ran out of extract to vape it will alert you by brightly flashing its bottom white light, so that way you know it is time for it to be recycled. Recycling is easy, as all you need to do is bring the used cartridge back to the shop.

- Megz

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