Taking The Hit: Babbling Brook

Fruit Bomb crumble extract produced by Apollo Grown

I hope my partner and I live near one of those stupid babbling brooks. 
Yeah, I just wanted to use 'babbling brook' even though it's corny and cliche - sue me.
Although we were watching, 'Nature's Fury', on Netflix the other evening. 
And I'm just laying there on our mattress on the wood floor.

I love wood floors, but I miss having carpet - it's better for crunches if you're a gym nut-almond by the way (I prefer to at least be a certain kind of nut).



But I'm stoned just watching this flash flood devour houses; like I would with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Caesars.
So, maybe a babbling brook ain't so sweet ya'll.

Anyways, I digress so I can continue to manifest-

1:1 Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

Vanilla Mint Gems produced by Drip Sweets

I hope we live in a cozy cabin that's just like a hobbit hole from Tolkien's vision.
Maybe an iron spiral staircase and bookshelves galore.
Shelves filled with books, Legos, and art supplies by the way.

Ever seen 'Beauty and the Beast'? That's okay if not, cause' here's what I'm picturing.

Ya dig?

Wishin' your dreams come true too by the way. We're all in this together :)

Taking The Hit: Dab Society Shatter

Headband x Blue Magoo produced by Dab Society. Extract made from flower grown by Yerba Buena. 

Dab Society has been extracting high quality oils since before the days of recreational extract sales. They've done an amazing job maintaining the same high quality of product while continuing to grow into the large industry presence they are now. Dab Society works with some of the best flower companies in Oregon, names such as Yerba Buena and Applegate River Roots adorn their packaging so the customer can feel confident that the cannabis they consume, comes from a good place.

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, we have begun to see an increase of quality extracts and flower, meaning prices have begun to fall on these products. Dab Society is no exception and their premium extracts have fallen in price down to $25 medical, that's just $30 after tax! It's a very exciting time for dabbing fans indeed. Considering at the beginning of this year, similar products were regularly going for as high as $60 medical! No one currently knows where the prices will even out, but if this trend continues, it will feel like Christmas all year long.

Silver Hawk produced by Dab Society. Extract made from flower grown by Yerba Buena.

Dab Societies sister company 'Hood Oil' has also graced our shelves once again with a new low price of just $20 medical, $24 after tax. Offering an affordable solution to all of your extract cravings. We are proud to work with a company that is obsessed with quality as Dab Society, and happy to include 9 strains of their Premium runs and 7 strains of the hood oil on our menu. If you are looking for high quality extracts for a price worth noticing, swing on by either of our two stores and speak with your budtender today!

Taking The Hit: Skunk Dawg extract from Hood Oil

Two Dabs Too Deep

Skunk Dawg extract from Hood Oil

This oil had a very STRONG nose on it. When I first opened the package it reminded me of the smell you get when you pass a skunk on the highway. Gross and nostalgic all at once. Along with a strong cheese smell. The oil itself was a little “goopier” than the other shatters that I have seen from Hood Oil, but smoked great regardless.

When I initially took the first dab I used my dabbing bowl and nectar collector, and I just went for it. I took the biggest dab my lungs could hold. To my surprise I didn’t get a throat tickle at all and was able to take a really fat hit, with little to no coughing. It was awesome that I could experience the whole dab start to finish and the beauty it had to show me. The head feeling was heavy, instantly I felt my eyes droop farther down, a smile crept across my face, and the euphoric tingle that the Skunk Dawg had to offer was amazing as it consumed my mind. So naturally, I took another dab. After all what kind of connoisseur stops after one taste, right? Well, needless to say the second dab was just as amazing and I wish I could fully tell you about the high that I experienced riding those two dabs to victory. Alas, I was stricken with an overwhelming feeling of sedation. I could feel myself struggling to keep my eyelids open, then I told that lie to myself that we all do when we try to fight sleep:

“I’ll just close my eyes for a second.”

Skunk Dawg from Hood Oil

Regardless to this oil being labeled a Sativa, the next thing that happened was me waking up at 3am to the sight of my fiancé playing video games in our room and realizing I still had my glasses on….

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an oil that packs a punch and has a nice euphoric stone that can easily put you down for the count. It surely did the trick for me! It has an awesome nose of a skunk/cheese hybrid and really floral, delicious taste. I recommend putting it in the freezer for a few minutes while you prep your dab station before trying to get it off the parchment paper.


Skunk Dawg is a Sativa according to HOOD OIL.

Total THC: 65.0% or 650mg which breaks down to about 32.5mg per serving.

The flower for this run of HOOD OIL came from Applegate River Roots.

If you are going by the recommended serving size, out of a full gram you should be able to get x20 dabs.

Priced at The Agrestic South for $24 Rec | $20 Med.


Taking The Hit: Venice OG Sugar Wax extract from Cultivated Industries

Venice OG Sugar Wax from Cultivated Industries

Venice OG Sugar Wax from Cultivated Industries

First impressions of this product was the packaging - Cultivated stepped their game up. They are now using a better quality paper to put their dabs in which dramatically reduces the amount of terpenes that soak into the paper. Plus they put them in a little resealable ziplock-type bag which helps to store them!

The dabs themselves were super terpy smelling/tasting and definitely had a nice sugar wax consistency. I found this strain to be very enjoyable and functional. Definitely a strong cerebral sativa, but not in the paranoid sense. Personally, I found a normal size dab to hit nice and hard with an initial rush of spaciness, then left me feeling a light manageable high for the next hour or so.

Overall I am really satisfied to see Cultivated back on our shelves with some new packaging and great prices to match.