Announcement: Winberry, Orchid, and Quill Price Drop

Good news everyone! The Agrestics are lowering our prices on all Winberry Farms and Orchid Essential cartridges. The new prices are as follows:

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials


  • 1/2g Cartridge: M$33.33 / R$40

  • 1g Cartridge: M$50 / R$60


  • 1/2g Cartridge - M$32.50 / R$39 

  • 1/2g Kit - M$40 / R$48 

  • 1g Cartridge - M$54.17 / R$65

  •  1g Kit - M$60.83 / R$73


  • 3/4g Disposable Vape Pen: M$35 / R$42

Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 5

Remission 1/2g cartridge produced by EVOLVD

A double feature of haikus today! Both of the poems featured today were authored by Horatio Baker. If you want to read previous Agrestican Haikus that we've written click here. 



Grown weeds in the field

are an affront, it is said;

yet here are flowers.



Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread produced by Lux

Diving Deep

When I breath in fire,

It's a cool euphemism

for doing the weeds.


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Taking The Hit: Strawberry Lemonade cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

Strawberry Lemonade 1/2g distillate cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

My reward for sore arms and a new marquee message was a nifty Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge and battery from Winberry Farms. I've always liked Winberry but I never had their distillate cartridges before. When I saw the name "Strawberry Lemonade" I thought the flavor would be mostly lemonade with a hint of strawberry since that citrus taste is stronger and more common in flower. I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first drag and it was like taking a sip of fresh, homemade STRAWBERRY lemonade.


Strawberry Lemonade 1/2g distillate cartridge produced by Winberry Farms


I could start feeling the effects after the first couple drags, but it tasted so good it was hard to keep myself from smoking it all in one sitting. It wasn't too hard though because it has fairly good airflow and packs quite the punch. It's labeled as an Indica hybrid but for me there was very little head high. Shortly after I indulged my taste buds the muscles in my neck and shoulders began to relax, almost to the point of sedation. This sensation slowly took over my entire body and created a seamless transition from being awake to the land of dreams.

Taking The Hit: Winter Cactus produced by EVOLVD

The Winter Cactus cartridge from EVOLVD has been one of the standout cartridges of the year to me. We see many cartridges come through our doors and the Winter Cactus was one of my absolute favorites. It expresses itself with a unique high stemming from the large amount of THC-V found inside. The high is very much a sativa feeling, catching you right in the temple, leaving you spaced out and simultaneously energized, but notably, very little in the way of inspiring munchies. The THC-V acts as an appetite suppressant in the human body, meaning you don't end up with the munchies, or from a medical standpoint, a fantastic choice for anyone looking for help with overeating. 

Coming from our friends at EVOLVD means any product will meet the quality needs of even the best cured connoisseur, with quality oil, taste, effects that lead the industry, you're sure to love the Winter Cactus!


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