My Emergency Wakeup Alarm by Alex

Lebron James

Lebron James

Waking up is a struggle.

Luckily I have a back up alarm. My phone alarm goes off every morning and I don’t always wake up from it. 

Without fail, my kitten curls up on my chest and begins to purr.

If that doesn't wake me up, he will give me little smooches and place a paw on my face until I wake up for work. 

However, if I do wake up from my phone alarm, the kitten snuggles make me fall back asleep.

So my emergency alarm sometimes backfires, but it's okay, he is cute anyways.

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Taking The Hit: Babbling Brook

Fruit Bomb crumble extract produced by Apollo Grown

I hope my partner and I live near one of those stupid babbling brooks. 
Yeah, I just wanted to use 'babbling brook' even though it's corny and cliche - sue me.
Although we were watching, 'Nature's Fury', on Netflix the other evening. 
And I'm just laying there on our mattress on the wood floor.

I love wood floors, but I miss having carpet - it's better for crunches if you're a gym nut-almond by the way (I prefer to at least be a certain kind of nut).



But I'm stoned just watching this flash flood devour houses; like I would with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Caesars.
So, maybe a babbling brook ain't so sweet ya'll.

Anyways, I digress so I can continue to manifest-

1:1 Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

Vanilla Mint Gems produced by Drip Sweets

I hope we live in a cozy cabin that's just like a hobbit hole from Tolkien's vision.
Maybe an iron spiral staircase and bookshelves galore.
Shelves filled with books, Legos, and art supplies by the way.

Ever seen 'Beauty and the Beast'? That's okay if not, cause' here's what I'm picturing.

Ya dig?

Wishin' your dreams come true too by the way. We're all in this together :)

Taking The Hit: A Timely Perspective

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

When I was a kid my primary school took a field trip to the Boise Art Museum. I saw an art piece that has somehow stuck with me this long. The exhibit was about mechanical art in all its forms. This piece was a roller chain all jumbled onto itself, sitting vertically on a table. One end was feeding down into the table through an oil reservoir, and the other end feeding back out and coiling itself on the chain jumble. The new chain took up oil and it cascaded down onto the bundle and back into the reservoir. The chain snaked and meandered into different orientations, shimmering and serene. Our chaperone said it was special because the chain would only be in the same orientation once every 256 thousand years. It seemed like an eternity to me then.


Golden Lemons grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I didn't understand its significance at the time, but now I think I do. Our existence is like that chain. We will never experience the same reality twice. The cosmos will never be in the same orientation twice. Even the most repetitive task will be marked by a different frame of time. Each moment is completely unique, beautiful, and new, and in this way life is a work of art; one observed by the collective soul waiting in the ether. When you laugh, cry, dance, make love, cook a meal, or try something new, your actions shape reality into a wonderful new form. So live fully and live long, because you will never have this moment again.

Taking The Hit: Majesty and Serenity

Whole CBD Coffee from SteepFuze

As you emerge from the green darkness and marshy forest of native deciduous trees, a meager band of early morning light stretches across a grey sky crowded with dark, heavy clouds. That band of light is a hand reaching down from the sky to touch your soul and uplift your spirit. It invites you to embrace the majesty and serenity of the Oregon-Cascade mountain range and wildlife region. It is nothing ordinary.

The sensation of standing upon the icy peaks of Mount Hood at twelve-thousand feet, of witnessing the Douglas-fir blanketed hills of the Western range, and of visiting the  McLoughlin mountains are breathtaking sights, sounds, and surrealities, all of which are outlets to the deeper connection we can feel towards nature.

In this region, nature only exposes herself upon request, respect, and journey. Thereby, if one is here upon no business and merely for the humanistic need for release, nature will liberate herself to you. If one is visiting the Oregon-Cascades for materialistic things, one will see the forest and mountains for what they want to see it and not what is felt when the mind is clear. Only then, when your mind is free of cluttered thought, will you feel the one-on-one connection with nature.

Strawberry Cough NR extract from White Label Extracts

It was this same connection which the Kalapuya Indians felt for thousands of years before European settlers came to this land filled with greed and self-righteousness. The Kalapuya were at peace with the land... But unfortunately, it was not long before the Kalapuya had their roots uplifted and the white man took their place, naked and naive, unknowing of the treasure they happened to settle upon and steal from these stewards of the land.

What was then free and unnamed is now the Four-Forest Wildlife Region consisting of Deschutes National Forest: a bold representation of the South Sisters and Diamond Peak mountains. As well, The Willamette National Forest, the holder of the Great Breitenbush and Winding Willamette rivers: an all encompassing water flow accompanied by a never-ending forest of Douglas-fir. To the southwest, The Umpqua National forest, home to the Umpqua, Molalla, Yoncalla and Cow Creek Indian tribes: fathers of this land. And lastly, to the east, The Winema/Fremont National Forest and Wildlife region all of which are north of the original resting grounds of the Klamath Indian tribes, who suffered a great deal from an early breeding ground of clear-cut logging and deforestation from Europeans in the entire Klamath Basin.

Grapefruit Diesel from Cascade Valley Cannabis

Trees are the basic building blocks of life in the Four-Forest Wildlife Region. In this region are dozens of different types of 'blocks', though all of the same material. Conifers dominate this province. Hemlock trees sit underneath glimmering mists of waterfalls in the foothills of Mount Jefferson. Ponderosa Pine trees shed their golden needles for miles and miles around annually blanketing the west-central expanse. White Mountain Pine grow scarce and patchy in the soon domesticated bluffs surrounding Crater Lake, while a handful of different species of Fir trees stand representative in the Cascadian scene.

A prominent fiend of the Oregon wilderness, the White Bristle-Back Stag roams the open plains of the Quo’naqi Indian reservation while several Oregon Blue Jays are perched on the branch of a giant Willow, unwavering with each gust of wind and rain. A pond glitters in the distance. Peaks tower over rolling valleys of canyons and deltas which inevitably meander their way to an endless ocean.

The sun is gone, the weather is cold, and the sky will not be clear. Let’s enjoy this Oregon frontier.