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Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract Produced by White Label Extracts

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extract from flower grown by Raw Zen

I've been leaning into extracts as my main source of cannabis lately. Not only do I get better flavor from extracts than flower, but it is also a more discrete form of consumption, and it's better for my body than smoking flower. White Label Extracts is by and far the company that I purchase extracts from the most. White Label has a great range of price points, extracts of different consistencies, a rotating library of strains, and above all else always put out top shelf oils. 

This time around they've created a high terpene extract out of my favorite Sativa strain Sour Tangie. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting a Sour Tangie strain, this is a cross of Tangie and Sour Diesel. Sour Tangie is best known for it's Valencia orange and pine scent and it's mood boosting effects. What's special about this rendition of Sour Tangie, you hypothetically ask. That's where the High Terpene part of the extract comes in, as this has a 9.12% terpene profile! 

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Raw Zen. 

Terpenes are aromatic molecules which create scent and flavor. The White Label Sour Tangie has an orange scent, and a syrupy "terp sap" consistency. I love the flavor that I get out of these dabs, and I like to vaporize them at lower temperatures to get the most out of it. This strain has such pleasant effects. The high is energetic without pushing me into anxiousness, it's also euphoric and slightly relaxing. I have a bit of trouble keeping this extract on my dab tool, due to the sauce-like consistency, so I tend to use this dab the most by dipping my other more solid extracts into it. It pulls any strain I'm smoking into a happy, talkative, tasty direction. 

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Taking The Hit: Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap Produced by White Label Extracts

Amnesia Haze produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

This extract was a stroke of luck for me because I LOVE White Label Extracts and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Amnesia Haze flower from Love Life Farms!!!

This was an amazing dab! I decided that the BEST way to enjoy the effects and flavor of this lovely Pull-N-Snap was with my new-ish Nector Collector. The first thing I noticed was that this product was a pretty stable, but very sticky, slab of Pull-N-Snap with a beautiful light-amber coloration to it; to the point of being able to see through it when held up to the light. And the sweet yet slightly citrus-y aroma definitely complimented the smooth spicy-earthy taste that presented itself when vaporized.

Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

A wonderfully uplifting burst of energy spread over my entire body as a slightly hazy mind change set in. One of the best things about I noticed about this strain is you can be as active as you want and even the high will help keep you motivated! Personally I've found it most enjoyable when utilized right before a nice leisurely bike ride... with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face that uplifting motivational high just can't be beat.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Extracts Produced By White Label Extracts

Chocolate Orange WPR Terp Sap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Mother Magnolia Medicinals

After my first hit of White Label Extract's Peach Cheesewreck Pull-n-Snap, I knew they were doing something different. Upon further digging I found that WLE consistently provide some of the lowest PPMs of pesticides and butane in their product. This company ensures that they provide a high potency and health-conscience product. Given their track record of working long term with quality gardens that keep pesticide use in mind when cultivating, and their practice of slow and careful purges with solvents that THEY HAVE REFINED further before using them on their unprocessed material, you can trust that whatever strain you choose will be a top-notch extract.  The clarity, coloring, and aroma, of their extracts are not the only upsides to this company. I have also noticed that White Label has one of the biggest difference of TOTAL cannabinoids vs. THC, and they list the more minor cannabinoids on their packaging. Generally speaking, the cannabinoid profile that holds through refinement is going to give you an insight into the character of your oil; ‘coloring’ your high. I look forward to treating my palette in the future with more of their oils.

Taking The Hit: Perma Frost NR extract produced by White Label Extracts

Perma Frost NR produced by White Label Extracts. Made from flower grown by Butte Creek Farm. 

I've been a medical marijuana patient for a while now and I've come to rely heavily on cannabis to get through each day. I've been using a lot of extract lately, and White Label's consistency of excellence continues to amaze and delight me. Their Perma Frost Nug Run extract is no exception, and is processed very well. I especially like how White Label has listed the terpene profile for this strain right on the package. The Perma Frost is a Pull-N-Snap consistency with a yellowish/light amber color to it and has earthy, citrus, and floral notes to its smell.

Once smoked, it has a smooth, pleasant taste to it as well. This strain definitely feels like a Hybrid, as I felt both uplifting Sativa effects from it as well as relaxing Indica effects. It was helpful in taking away my body pain, yet also aided me in focusing and keeping my attention on one thing long enough to complete it. I also noticed how I was able to maintain my energy levels, as it didn't cause fatigue when it began to wear off. All in all, Perma Frost NR is a fantastic strain that I will definitely be purchasing again. 

Taking The Hit: Grease Monkey WPR Honeycomb extract from White Label Extracts

Grease Monkey WPR Honeycomb extact produced by White Label Extract. Made from flower grown by Oregon Greens.

A couple months ago I tried Grease Monkey flower for the first time and I couldn't stop talking about it. Now White Label Extracts has taken one of my new found favorite strains and transformed it into a Whole Plant Run BHO Honeycomb which is a beautiful brown sugar, patty-like crumble consistency. I love the Whole Plant Run extracts because you're getting everything that plant has to offer and you can really feel that when you're smoking it!

It tastes exactly how the Grease Monkey flower smells, like gas fueled sweetness. I really felt the whole spectrum of effects in this extract, it gave me a flawless transition from uplifting and mind clearing to relaxation and couch-lock. The experience coincided perfectly with the transition of evening to dusk and finished out nicely as a gentle, slow descend into twilight.

Taking The Hit: Strawberry Cough WPR extract from White Label Extracts

Strawberry Cough Whole Plant Run Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts. Made from flower grown by Butte Creek Farms.

Some of the best dabs I've smoked in a while is the Strawberry Cough whole plant run from White Label Extracts, one of my favorite processors! The high was very stony and honestly not super functional, but that is kind of to be expected from a whole plant run. I found the medicinal benefits of this strain really found helpful. I would like to also mention how impressed I was by the color and taste of the Strawberry Cough especially for a whole plant run. I've noticed White Label's whole plant run extracts I've tried all seem to be very consistently great in that regard. This is a great sativa extract for someone who is wanting a recreational high with great medicinal benefits!

Taking The Hit: The Cannabinoid CBN

CBN Transdermal Patch produced by Mary's Medicinals

I don't know many people who will argue with me when I say that the end of cannabis prohibition is a positive thing, but to the few who have something to say I immediately point to the quickly growing pool of research that it has provided about this fascinating plant! With cannabis becoming legal in many states it has allowed scientists to identify over 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and study how each interacts with our endocannabinoid system in different ways. When it comes to the effects of marijuana compound, THC and CBD receive most of the attention, and while they may deserve the spotlight, today I want to focus attention onto my friend CBN.

100 Watt Kind NR Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts. 100 Watt Kind was created from flower grown by Applegate River Roots. 100 Watt Kind has 1 mg of CBN per serving and 20.1mg CBN per container. 

CBN is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid that is produced from the degradation of THC naturally over time or when exposed to heat and oxygen. There is usually a trace amount of CBN found in the flowers of a fresh plant, but only after months of aging will the numbers typically increase above 1%.  The benefits of CBN haven't been fully discovered due to the fairly recent research into its specific properties, but we have already found dozens of medicinal benefits on the user such as: providing pain relief, promoting bone cell growth by triggering stem cells, stimulating appetite, and working as an incredibly sedative sleep aid.

It is also proving to be anti-inflammatory with the additional benefit of reducing mucus and showing signs of helping with asthma and glaucoma, it acts as an anti-convulsive- though it doesn't seem quite as effective as THC and CBD here, and it also has an incredible anti-bacterial effect that has shown the ability to kill MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that kills thousands of people in the US every year. There are other promising effects of the compound that will soon help the medical world in the areas of burn treatment, psoriasis, and so many more, as it has shown to lower body temperature and to limit an overgrowth in skin cells.

100 Watt Kind NR Pull-N-Snap extract from White Label Extracts. 100 Watt Kind was created from flower grown by Applegate River Roots. 100 Watt Kind has 1 mg of CBN per serving and 20.1mg CBN per container. 

What was once looked down upon as a less psychoactive product of poorly stored flower is now being recognized as an incredibly complex and important cannabinoid that is inspiring a lot of new research. Many growers are figuring out ways to encourage larger amounts of CBN, and the key seems to be time. By pushing the harvest time back it allows the tricomes to develop a deep amber color before harvest. During the curing process it can be tricky, as the goal is to slightly degrade the THC without lessening the quality of the flower. By using high humidity packs, poking holes in the lid, and storing the cannabis in clear jars with access to lots of light, it allows the highly psychoactive compound to break down into the deeply sedative CBN without losing flavor or quality.

Stay tuned for my review on two new high CBN products we're carrying: Mary's Medicinal's CBN Transdermal Patches, and White Label Extract's Grease Monkey WPR BHO Honeycomb extract! Hold onto your pillows and join me in my search for a full night's sleep!

Taking The Hit: F. Pebbles NR from White Label Extracts

F. Pebble Nug Run extract from White Label Extracts

F. Pebble Nug Run extract from White Label Extracts

Let me start off with saying that I am normally a flower guy but when I saw the F. Pebble Nug Run come into our store I knew I had to try it. The color is very light, it smells great, and it’s an attractive price for the quality of the extract. The flavor is exactly what the name leads on, each dab is like a pebble of fruity goodness. It tasted so sweet and fruity that I wanted to keep smoking just for the flavor. I like the Pull N’ Snap consistency because it is easier to portion and more fun to play with. The extract is labeled as a Hybrid, but initially I got more of a Sativa feel from it, I took a dab after work and it gave me the motivation to organize my room. Later on, after another dab, it began to relax me and act more like an Indica.  The F. Pebbles has a very smooth inhale, and that’s coming from someone who hacks a lung with every dab. Perfect for those nights when you're tired and want to relax but you still have to get a few things done.  If you’re looking for a top quality extract that doesn’t have a top quality price, F. Pebbles is the strain for you.

Taking The Hit: White Label Extracts

Today's Taking the Hit is going to be a collection of reviews on extracts from White Label Extracts!

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts


Strawberry Mango Fire by Kibbles and Bits

I'm excited that we've started carrying White Label Extracts again, so I thought I'd review the Strawberry Mango Fire extract. It is a light yellow-amber color, with a pull and snap consistency, and a strong odor of sweet smelling terpenes that leaves a lingering scent after it is dabbed/vaporized. It was quite smooth, as I didn't find it at all harsh on my throat, and tasted nice as well.

This strain felt like a true hybrid. It both provided me with relief from physical pain in my neck and back that I struggle with (much like an Indica does), as well as uplifting me mentally (much like a Sativa does), so that I still had the focus and energy to cook dinner, get my kids ready for bed, clean up, and prepare my son's lunch and backpack for the next day (#mom life). Not only did the Strawberry Mango Fire provide me with a feeling of euphoria and overall wellness, but I also noticed that it seemed to actually enhance my focus, which is extremely helpful to me, as I often lose focus quickly when my brain isn't engaged and I'm doing mundane or repetitive tasks (and I find pretty much every household chore to be so). Overall, I would say that I truly enjoyed this extract and would definitely buy it again.

Purple Punch by Shayne

I turned on my e-nail on a quiet Wednesday evening deciding to treat myself to some Purple Punch dabs. Listening to my favorite playlist getting ready for a Rocket League session I take my first dab. Tastes of grape kool-aid and creamy smoke fill my lungs as a slow ripple of euphoria takes over my body.  After a few warm up matches in Rocket League the slow, creeping effects of Purple Punch really hit me and this stoney, giggly high punches me right in the face.  Did not win many matches that night.  10/10 would recommend.

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Chernobyl by Dan

I was so taken aback by the quality of White Label Extracts that I decided to look into them... apparently WLE makes it a point to get their solvent content as far below the legal standard as possible (their ppm on butane is like way lower than most other producers) and base their product around forming long term business with gardens to better adjust their techniques from strain to strain. WLE wants to make the best extracts they can, and working with high quality farms gives them a great base to start from. The flavor of the strain I tried, Chernobyl, was akin to eating a lime candy. The high was so uplifting, I almost thought my brain had mutated and moved on to a higher plane.. oh wait.. it kind of did.

Gas Pump Nug Run Terp Sap by Donny

If you're like me and you enjoy extra super skunky, fuely, terpene-soaked dabs, look no further than the Gas Pump sap from White Label. A low-temp dab of this stuff will leave flavor lingering on your taste buds long after exhale, and what a flavor it is! The name says it all as this one really is reminiscent of an old gas station - not everyone's fave, but certainly a coveted taste for connoisseurs who miss that old-school funkiness. The high too is wonderful, a well-balanced stone that sticks around a good while. Dabs of this oil were only improved by supplementing them with a little CBD isolate. White Label has regained their position at the top of the BHO game in my opinion!!! This one just happens to be a standout; you can't go wrong with their offerings!!