Taking The Hit: 1:1 THC CBD Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I got this product quite a while ago but I really loved it so I decided to review it. I don’t experience much regular pain so my review will be primarily about recreational use. First off, the oil is dark green and tastes strongly of cannabis. I was expecting this, but the taste was still unpleasant at first. My favorite way to consume this tincture was to drip two full droppers on the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. The cannabis flavor actually works pretty well with the cheesy buttery and toasty grilled cheese.

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens



I really love the way that the CBD and THC work together, for me CBD adds a warmth to the high almost like drinking a beer. My face gets more flushed and my body feels loose and relaxed. Mentally, I get stoned but I’m still able to focus, like driving on cruise control with your shoes off and the windows down with one hand on the wheel. I also liked taking a couple droppers of this right before a hike. You get a nice stoney experience and the CBD primes your muscles for hikin’. Overall it’s a great buy and made me want to recommend 1:1 edibles more often.

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Taking The Hit: Indica Hypnos Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

Hypnos Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I recently tried the Indica Hypnos Tincutre produced by TJ's Gardens. I got this product initially to help manage my sleep regimen as I tend to suffer from bouts of insomnia. Upon getting the product home I followed the Instructions on the bottle for use and attempted to see how the recommended dose worked, .66mL about 3/4s of a dropper. I found the taste of the product to be pleasant, It did have a mild cannabis (green) flavor that persisted for a short time after swallowing the tincture. I found that the single dose for my tolerance and body size was a little underwhelming and so for subsequent doses I used 2 full mL (~About 3 doses) and that had me feeling wonderful and floaty, ready to slip into slumber at the gentle coaxing of a pillow.  I would recommend this product to anyone hoping to soften the edges of any anxiety they may suffer, or looking to find some deep relaxation without smoking.

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