Soaking Salts

Taking The Hit: Black Label Soaking Salts Produced by Empower Bodycare

Black Label Soaking Salts produced by Empower Bodycare.

The empower black label soaking salts are absolutely relaxing and quite the treat. My partner and I both work on our feet all day and I enjoy working out/weight lifting. So we share a pretty active lifestyle together, and by the end of our work weeks we often feel both physically and mentally exhausted. We tried this entire product together one evening in the tub, and we both felt the calming effects from it. So, this entire 4oz. package is potentially able to bring relief for two people.

We both smoked a bowl of tangieland and then soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes at night. We both felt a relaxing and tranquil experience during and after the soak. After soaking in the tub, my body felt soft and melted in the bed like butter. This product helped to relax my body which really helped for sleep. I would recommend these salts to anyone who is looking for some tranquility. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again because I was extremely pleased with the results!

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