Taking The Hit: Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap Produced by White Label Extracts

Amnesia Haze produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

This extract was a stroke of luck for me because I LOVE White Label Extracts and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Amnesia Haze flower from Love Life Farms!!!

This was an amazing dab! I decided that the BEST way to enjoy the effects and flavor of this lovely Pull-N-Snap was with my new-ish Nector Collector. The first thing I noticed was that this product was a pretty stable, but very sticky, slab of Pull-N-Snap with a beautiful light-amber coloration to it; to the point of being able to see through it when held up to the light. And the sweet yet slightly citrus-y aroma definitely complimented the smooth spicy-earthy taste that presented itself when vaporized.

Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

A wonderfully uplifting burst of energy spread over my entire body as a slightly hazy mind change set in. One of the best things about I noticed about this strain is you can be as active as you want and even the high will help keep you motivated! Personally I've found it most enjoyable when utilized right before a nice leisurely bike ride... with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face that uplifting motivational high just can't be beat.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Lemon Thai grown by Dicot Farms

Lemon Thai grown by Dicot Farms

The Lemon Thai flower grown by Dicot Farms is an uplifting Sativa. This strain is a cross between Hawaiian x Thailand Sativa, so it'll take your senses and mind on a tropical ride that's filled with joy.

Dicot Farms is an organic cannabis grower, so you can be assured that this strain is organic and clean. The strain has a strong citrus and lemon scent, so the limonene terpenes really stand out. This scent can also be tasted in the flower when smoked, so it has a light lemon taste.

The high did sneak up on me, so I would recommend waiting a bit after smoking! This flower is only going for $7.20 a gram which is a great deal, especially for bulk buyers. So, c'mon' down to the Agrestic and treat yourself to the tropical trip of Lemon Thai. 

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Taking The Hit: Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

Sour Diesel Olive Oil produced by Little House Foods

My default assumption from pop-culture was that edibles were sweet treats like chocolates and brownies. So when a new product, like the Little House infused olive oil, comes into our store it catches my attention. Olive oil is an interesting thing to dose with THC. It's not an get-and-eat edible that you pop in your mouth and enjoy like a truffle. (I mean, unless you want to.) It takes a bit more thought into how you're going to prepare it to eat. Especially since I most commonly use oil to roast potatoes in the oven, and I felt like that would be wasting the oil in the pan.

Inspiration first struck me when I was wandering around the grocery store. I was picking up some bread and passed by a display of hummus! If you didn't know, one of hummus' main ingredients is olive oil. I scooped out about a 1/4 of a 10oz  package of hummus and mixed in the entire 5mL of the dosed olive oil. To my delight the hummus completely absorbed the oil that I added in, and I couldn't taste any of the common cannabis-plant flavor that is sometimes found in savory edibles. 

The next time I buy this olive oil I plan on creating a dipping plate with it, a nice raspberry balsamic vinegar, and a loaf of freshly baked french bread. Since I couldn't taste the cannabis flavor of the olive oil when I used it in the hummus I think this olive oil can be used as if you had a traditional olive. It could be easily used to top some pasta or create a salad dressing. 

Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

I have used coconut oil tinctures before for baking, and olive oil would be another good substitute if you're a fan of sweet treats. This recipe is very close to the pie crust recipe that I use at home, and makes a great based for a dosed pie crust as you don't need to alter the recipe at all. Since the crust of the pie is dosed, the fillings of the pie could be left untouched, creating a balance to any herbal flavor the crust would have. Dosing is a snap for pies when the crust is what you're infusing. If you split your pie into even pieces all you need to do is diving the amount of THC you've put into the crust by the number of slices to find out the dose per slice. For example, if you put the 50mg olive oil into a six slice pie, you would have about 8.3mg of THC per slice. (50mg of THC / 6 slices = 8.3mg of THC per slice of pie)

The olive oil is a steal at R $12 / M $10 for a full 50mg of THC. It's also a strain specific edible, currently the ones we have in the shop are made with Sour Diesel which is a Sativa strain. This is definitely an edible that I'll be picking up again!

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Taking The Hit: Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

I tried the Sativa Fruity Nut bar from Laurie + MaryJane just last night. The Fruity Nut Bar has a really nice crisped rice texture to the bar and tasted much like a rice-based power bar with lovely hints of fruity dried apricot and chocolate. There was a definitely a plant-like cannabis flavor when you bite into the bar but that flavor didn't stick around to the aftertaste. I think it's great that these edibles are strain specific, and they come packaged with a nice cardboard insert inside that had a guide for how to cut the bar into 5mg doses. The high for this edible was very energetic and functional.  I could definitely tell that it was a more sativa edible experience, and I would definitely try this edible again.

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