Renegade Roots

Taking The Hit: Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

This is such a great strain, and the best I’ve seen from Renegade so far. It has a great lemony flavor profile and hits hard at 22% for less than $10 a gram. I recommend this to most customers looking for a value or just a good indica hybrid. I can speak to the indica lean too, its very relaxing and my boyfriend actually doesn’t like it for that reason. I love indicas though, so... sucks for him I guess. It’s a great buy and I would definitely get it again.

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Taking The Hit: APC Flower Grown by Renegade Roots

APC flower grown by Renegade Roots

APC Flower...


Not only does this little beauty smell sweet and exotic, but it has the most amazing effects! APC is a wonderfully enjoyable 1:1 CBD strain with a slight Indica lean and a true Middle Eastern Landrace background.

The last time I had the pleasure of smoking some APC was more than a year ago [from the same farm luckily] and I have to say what I experienced this Harvest was EXACTLY the same effects as when I had it the first time around. And the ONLY Farm I have ever seen this strain come out of is Renegade Roots and I have to say I LOVE it so much I even got a little Clone to grow out and harvest myself this year!

APC flower grown by Renegade Roots

On the inhale you get a nice and smooth, but earthy flavor with a slightly sweeter exhale that seems to immediately relieve any tension the day has thrown at me. Of course after a few puffs from my double perk bong its Indica side has me on my butt feeling slight sedated, all the while my mind is at ease and I have very little to no discomforts or pains. For me personally, this is a great sleep aid as it has a decent amount of THC as well to help push you into that sleepy more relaxed night time mentality, although this strain has also provided me with great pain relief during daytime use in smaller doses.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

Slymer is a flower grown by our farm, Renegade Roots, and it's genetics are a Chernobyl phenotype. If you've never heard of Chernobyl before, it's known for its strong uplifting and relaxing cerebral affects. It has a unique lime/pine/citrus scent and you can tell what affects it will have just by smelling it. It's great for the anxious or stress-induced stoner who doesn't want to go to sleep every time they smoke something to calm their nerves. Plus with our Renegade Hour when these strains are $2 off per gram, its becoming one of my go-to purchases. 

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Taking The Hit: Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

I was super excited to Slymer hit our shelf's again.  This strain a Chernobyl Phenotype is notorious for being a highly creative and euphoric.  It had a delicious sweet lemon and earth aroma. And a lemony skunky like taste. Very smooth.  It was the perfect strain to get my creative juices flowing. I felt a full body relaxation and yet super motivated to play music and do some writing.  It was great strain for relaxing after work but still having some energy to cook dinner and get some tasks done.  I love this strain for hiking and riding my bike or just hanging out at home.  Also very good for sexy times, I'm just sayin'. 

Taking The Hit: A Poem ~ Afternoon Walk

Afternoon Walk

Hell's Fire OG grown by Renegade Roots


Meandering down the unfolding ivory tongues

that nestle into the roses, whose teeth like thorns

make one wistful for the ways of needles and pins.

Closing my eyes to the beautiful threat,

I hear ocean waves emit from creeping machines


that suckle hardened tar with the ignorance of a child.

Light flooding in, the sky reflects from the chilled windows

and in that moment, all of the world seemed within reach.

Taking The Hit: Truck Stop Cookies grown by Renegade Roots

Truck Stop Cookies grown by Renegade Roots

Truck Stop Cookies grown by Renegade Roots

A great smoke from our sister garden Renegade Roots, the Truck Stop Cookies produces a lovely relaxed buzz that sticks around for a good spell, while at the same time not totally knocking you out. Flavors ranging from diesel-y fuel to mixed berry parfait can be picked up on when enjoying this one - a super unique bouquet that's quite pleasant! Pick some flower up during our Renegade Hour, from 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 9pm every day, for a substantial discount on Renegade Roots flower!!!

Taking The Hit: My Favorite Spot

Kacey watering the Doc Beast Clone

The Boise river cuts through the rolling golden hills of Western Idaho

Cliffs of black basalt flank the waterline.

Southwest of town below the reservoir lies Surprise Valley

And at the southern crest of this valley indeed there is a surprise.

Follow the Oregon Trail along the canyonside to mount the cliffs

Near the edge is a warning of crumbling rock and abrupt drop.

There you will discover a rift in the ground

And those brave enough will follow it down

Lemon OG grown by Dicot Farms


Between the igneous rock and out

to a cold seat on the cliffside

A gentle din of engines echoes through the canyon

A cold and ceaseless wind pierces your breast

A majestic view captivates us two

Cleansing our souls anew

Taking The Hit: An Ode to the Ganja Goddess

McGrupp grown by Renegade Roots

I met her there with hungry mind

and thirsting spirit.

Sitting in bone cold

next to a snow drenched river.

I placed my lips upon her,

And took In her Earthy smoke.



become one with the rushing waters.


Hell's Fire OG grown by Renegade Roots

My thoughts become the birds,

Swooping, diving in endless sky.

Suddenly life becomes a phantasm,

A phantasmagoric wave drifting

Like my smoking haze through the woods.


I peel off my human mask,

And walk naked through the forest.

Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

Just another beast,

Howling, longingly to the silence.

At one and apart of.

A wild craving

to feast upon the flesh of truth.


The Goddess does not care

for you versions of the truth.

She is,

Raw and infinite.


She is the truth untouched.


Truck Stop Cookies grown by Renegade Roots

Untainted by experience.

Only being,

Here and now.


The delicious essence

Of this moment.

Taking The Hit: Truck Stop Cookies Clones from Renegade Roots!!!

Sweet Space Baby Clone from Renegade Roots

I'm very much an amateur when it comes to cannabis cultivation, so when I finally got around to investing in my own grow equipment, I knew I'd want to start out growing a strain that offered little in the way of challenges and lots in the way of terpenes and yield!

Enter: Truck Stop Cookies, currently available from Renegade Roots, a lovely Purple Diesel x C. Monster cross that finishes in nine weeks and certainly isn't finicky - I tried my best but am no green-thumb, and still managed to yield three-quarters of a pound of righteously tasty cannabis from my four-plant garden with absolutely minimal effort!! No pest problems, no powdery mildew, nada! 😀

The flavor was sweet from the Cookies background, with a pleasant gassy funk note from the Diesel, and the smoke offered a really nicely balanced high that lasted a good spell. 


I'd highly recommend clones from Renegade Roots to any grower, newbie or veteran. With the stable of genetics growing all the time, there's bound to be a strain that'll pique your interest!! Available in limited quantities at our south location, or visit our dedicated Clone Room at our North store!!!