Raspberry Sky

Taking The Hit: Raspberry Sky Distillate Shatter from Winberry Farms

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

This is the second time I've gotten to try the Winberry Farms distillate extracts. The first of their extract strains that I tried was the Tropical Trainwreck, you can find that review here. I was impressed with the flavor and effects of the Tropical Trainwreck, so I jumped on the chance to try the Raspberry Sky.

Raspberry Sky has the same beautiful soft yellow coloring that the Tropical Trainwreck distillate had. It sparkles as it catches the light, and has a consistency like dry clay. Stable at room temperature but easy to crumble and break with a tool.

The flavor was surprisingly similar to real raspberries, though it had a slightly more candied flavor than actual raspberries. It was like how I imagine a real life blue raspberry would taste. It had a very nice smooth smoke, and thanks to some recent upgrades to my dabbing equipment, I was able to dab it at a low temperatures. 

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

As far as the effects go, this was certainly a more sativa strain than the Tropical Trainwreck distillate was. I was clear headed and functional on this strain, and filled with energy to do things (read: clean my house and play games). Sometimes, if I smoked a bit too much at once, I would notice a slight headache from being too high. It's easy to do with this strain, as it tests at 82.9% THC. 

A fun strain while it lasted! Now I just need to try the Guava OG!

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