Price Drop

Announcement: Winberry, Orchid, and Quill Price Drop

Good news everyone! The Agrestics are lowering our prices on all Winberry Farms and Orchid Essential cartridges. The new prices are as follows:

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials


  • 1/2g Cartridge: M$33.33 / R$40

  • 1g Cartridge: M$50 / R$60


  • 1/2g Cartridge - M$32.50 / R$39 

  • 1/2g Kit - M$40 / R$48 

  • 1g Cartridge - M$54.17 / R$65

  •  1g Kit - M$60.83 / R$73


  • 3/4g Disposable Vape Pen: M$35 / R$42