Taking The Hit: Blue Dream Blunts produced by Toking Blunts

Blue Dream, two pack of 2.5g hemp blunts from Toking Blunts

Toking Blunts are a treat to be shared and enjoyed together.  They appear to be cigars, with their large size (2.5g each), dark brown rolling paper, and fancy emblem wrapped around the crutch side.  Despite a price that comes out around $6.25 per gram, the flower had all the rich sweetness I expect from Blue Dream - I was surprised to get such a nice flavor from a preroll - an experience my smoking buddy echoed.  There was a sweetness to the paper as well - a sugary taste as if the paper had been coated in simple syrup.  It was a strange, but ultimately pleasant addition.

After enjoying a little under a quarter of the joint between the two of us, we set off on a walk around town.  The high was a jaunty element to our walk, but the effects were mainly cerebral and heady.  We giggled as we explored anew the town we'd lived in for years.  Around midnight, about 30-45 minutes after smoking, a deluge of munchies hit like the smell of bacon on a Saturday morning.

With few options at such a late hour, we made our way to good ol' Micky D's where we found the lobby closed.  So we made the only reasonable choice - we stood in line at the Drive-Thru (a busy drive-thru, with cars in front and behind).  After being refused service on account of our glaring lack of a vehicle, we found ourselves scarfing burritos at Riva's.

For a fun and carefree evening of simple thought and questionable choices, Blue Dream Tokin' Blunts fit the bill perfectly.  Just make sure you have some snacks at the ready!

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The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set!

The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set

Cannamas came early! Still need a present for that special someone? Or maybe you deserve a gift all to yourself? Whoever it's for, we've done all the hard work for you!

Childproofed and pre-wrapped, these cannagifts contain a wide variety of products hailing from nearly every section of our store. In each package you'll find a liquid edible Enjoy shot, a gram of our very own Renegade Roots flower in a glass stash jar, a 1/2g Solsgreen Asteroid pre-roll (these pre-rolls contain a potent mix of flower, kief, and oil), a 1/4 gram disposable vaporizer cartridge from Green Dragon Extracts, and either a trial sized .5mL vial of Empower Bodycare's famous Topical Relief Oil OR a rejuvenating lip balm from Medicine Farm Botanical.

The products in each package are sorted into Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica Hybrid, and Indica collections. Making it easy to pick a set that's tailored to your giftee.

On sale for M $41.67 / R $50, our Cannamas Gift Sets are only here as long as supplies last, so come on down to either of our locations to claim yours!

Taking The Hit: Day & Night Pre-Roll Pack Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Day & Night pre-roll pack grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

The Day & Night pre-roll pack created by Cascade Valley Cannabis is my favorite joint pack. I like to think I am a man of balance, and the Day & Night pack is just that. A half gram of Tangieland for the energizing daytime smoke, and a half gram of Blue Magoo for the relaxing nighttime smoke. Gives me something to look forward to when I wake up, and then again once my day is winding down, and I’m getting ready to call it a night. The only thing that would make this better would be a 50/50 hybrid for the afternoon/evening to keep you lifted during the in-between phase of the day. Either way, do yourself a favor and treat yourself today and tonight with a Day & Night pre-roll pack. 

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Taking The Hit: Sour Banana Sherbet Petites Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I'm a pretty big fan of Cascade Valley Cannabis’ cannabis. It tends to always smell fresh and aromatic, and has the looks to match. At the recommendation of our lovely budtender Diana (and since we were out of my staple Sour Tangie), I tried the Sour Banana Sherbet pre-roll pack. I was definitely not let down by the experience! I found the Sour Banana Sherbet to be a delicious Hybrid blend, both uplifting and relaxing at once. It was well suited for both morning and evening use, and while it provided a nice calming effect, I never felt too tired to take care of all of life's little chores that tend to pop up.

Sour Banana Sherbet Petites grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I liked them so much that I actually came back to buy another pack this weekend, but found that they had just sold out!! Luckily, The Agrestic was carrying the very same Sour Banana Sherbet. in loose flower, so I bought some of that instead and left happy to have found another wonderful strain by Cascade Valley.

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Taking The Hit: A Timely Perspective

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

When I was a kid my primary school took a field trip to the Boise Art Museum. I saw an art piece that has somehow stuck with me this long. The exhibit was about mechanical art in all its forms. This piece was a roller chain all jumbled onto itself, sitting vertically on a table. One end was feeding down into the table through an oil reservoir, and the other end feeding back out and coiling itself on the chain jumble. The new chain took up oil and it cascaded down onto the bundle and back into the reservoir. The chain snaked and meandered into different orientations, shimmering and serene. Our chaperone said it was special because the chain would only be in the same orientation once every 256 thousand years. It seemed like an eternity to me then.


Golden Lemons grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I didn't understand its significance at the time, but now I think I do. Our existence is like that chain. We will never experience the same reality twice. The cosmos will never be in the same orientation twice. Even the most repetitive task will be marked by a different frame of time. Each moment is completely unique, beautiful, and new, and in this way life is a work of art; one observed by the collective soul waiting in the ether. When you laugh, cry, dance, make love, cook a meal, or try something new, your actions shape reality into a wonderful new form. So live fully and live long, because you will never have this moment again.

Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie Petites Pre-rolls Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Sour Tangie Variety Petites Pack grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis 

I am a huge fan of Sativa strains and Sour Tangie is one of my absolute favorite strains. Cascade Valley Cannabis has been growing this strain for at least the past two seasons, and it's an attention grabber. This strain consistently tests in the high teens or early twenties for THC percentage. It's got an incredibly sweet citrus scent, when I think of Tangie, this is the scent I imagine. This latest batch of Sour Tangie has a nice floral undertone to it to go with the citrus. This strain gives me a nice boost of energy when I smoke it, and I really enjoy how spacey the head effects can become, and like all of my favorite strains this one has a great body buzz to it.

Sour Tangie 1/2g pre-roll grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Cascade Valley Cannabis is the first company that I've seen that makes these perfect for one or two people petite sized pre-rolls. Each petite pre-roll is a 1/4g of cannabis, and a petite pack comes with four of these 1/4g pre-rolls. When I'm smoking a pre-roll alone or with another person I often can't smoke an entire half gram or whole gram of flower in one session.  But finishing off an already smoked joint later is not a pleasant experience, as the remaining flower is tastes like stale smoke. The only way I've gotten a good second round out of a pre-roll is emptying out any slightly charred flower before it's put away, but then I feel like I'm wasting bud. A petite pre-roll is a great compromise, and as a bonus, I can have a pack of j's on me for any occasion. 

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