Original Extracts

Taking The Hit: Yotokko BHO extract from Original Extracts

Yotokko BHO extract produced by Original Extracts

People sometimes shy away from the occasional different extract 'blends' that we end up with on the menu, but I'm here to tell you that they're no slouches by any means, in particular the Yotokko oil from Original Extracts!! It's a combination of *I think* like eight or nine different strains, including at least one high in CBD (the Yotokko contains a nice 5.8% CBD, definitely enough to make a difference). Original has done a wonderful job coming up with a blend that's not only high in medicinal value, but is also big on flavor as well. It's difficult to determine which terpene is most prominent in this one, but what can be said is that it's got a wonderful flavor and is obviously well-purged. The high is equally as nice, with that CBD content shining through to provide a nice 'backbone,' if you will. Pick some up at The Agrestic today!!!