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Taking The Hit: 1:1 Tangos Mixed Sour Fruit Bites from Lunchbox Alchemy

1:1 Tangos, Mixed Sour Fruit Bites from Lunchbox Alchemy

These fruit bites were helpful for relaxation and falling asleep. They have a similar taste to the candy “Sour Patch Kids” and the product contains a variety of flavors like strawberry, blood orange, and green apple.  I took these on a trip with me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to smoke but I still wanted some form of cannabis to help relax. However I am a frequent cannabis user so I was initially skeptical of this edible reaching my tolerance, but it did with flying colors! One full gummy was able to help me to relax and fall asleep before bed and in the middle of the night. So if you’re looking for a smokeless experience that induces relaxation and sleep, check out these 1:1 sour Tangos fruit bites! 

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Taking The Hit: SOG Valley Rose grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose flower grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose 🌹

In my experience, this flower delivers similar aromas and effects to Chernobyl strains. It gives a strong awakening scent that holds bright lemon diesel notes. The effects are energizing and mood boosting. However, I would caution or pair with CBD for those who are sensitive to anxiety/paranoia. 

The flower’s appearance is also gorgeous too! One could say that its beauty is compareable to a rose. But, I’d rather have/look at a big bush of these flowers then some roses :) 

Treat yourself or perhaps your partner to this alternative rose bouquet 

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Taking The Hit: Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

The Mimosa flower grown by Higher Minds Horticulture is one of the tastiest flowers I have ever tried! I recommend this strain to everyone because I was SO impressed and pleased with my smoking experience. I would highly recommend this flower to those who are looking for a tasty smoking experience.The flower tastes and smells like a fresh mimosa due to its strong champagne and citrus notes.

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture


This flower deserves its own show case too, because it looks like a work of art. These buds rock purple hues with bright orange hairs. This is a top-shelf flower that provides a tasty, smooth, and upbeat experience. This hybrid strain’s high is like enjoying a cool mimosa by the pool because it’s relaxing in the body, while also delivering a bubbly head high. 

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Taking The Hit: Black Label Soaking Salts Produced by Empower Bodycare

Black Label Soaking Salts produced by Empower Bodycare.

The empower black label soaking salts are absolutely relaxing and quite the treat. My partner and I both work on our feet all day and I enjoy working out/weight lifting. So we share a pretty active lifestyle together, and by the end of our work weeks we often feel both physically and mentally exhausted. We tried this entire product together one evening in the tub, and we both felt the calming effects from it. So, this entire 4oz. package is potentially able to bring relief for two people.

We both smoked a bowl of tangieland and then soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes at night. We both felt a relaxing and tranquil experience during and after the soak. After soaking in the tub, my body felt soft and melted in the bed like butter. This product helped to relax my body which really helped for sleep. I would recommend these salts to anyone who is looking for some tranquility. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again because I was extremely pleased with the results!

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Taking The Hit: Lemon Thai grown by Dicot Farms

Lemon Thai grown by Dicot Farms

The Lemon Thai flower grown by Dicot Farms is an uplifting Sativa. This strain is a cross between Hawaiian x Thailand Sativa, so it'll take your senses and mind on a tropical ride that's filled with joy.

Dicot Farms is an organic cannabis grower, so you can be assured that this strain is organic and clean. The strain has a strong citrus and lemon scent, so the limonene terpenes really stand out. This scent can also be tasted in the flower when smoked, so it has a light lemon taste.

The high did sneak up on me, so I would recommend waiting a bit after smoking! This flower is only going for $7.20 a gram which is a great deal, especially for bulk buyers. So, c'mon' down to the Agrestic and treat yourself to the tropical trip of Lemon Thai. 

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Taking The Hit: Earth Care Challenge

Hey beautiful people :)

I’m all about the self-care, but let’s also promote earth-care:

Earth Care Challenge:

Pick up and properly dispose of, or recycle, at least one piece of trash you see in the street, park, wherever! Every action counts, even the smallest ones. You really do, and can, make a difference on this planet (:

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Flavor Country grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Taking The Hit: Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

This lovely herb is a Sativa-dominant strain grown by Kleen Karma Gardens. It’s like having a home cooked supper from your favorite relative, like maybe Grandma (: . It delivers a euphoric high with warm and heavy muscle relief within the body. The body high also feels like having a full tummy of grandmas cookies 🍪 ! The buds shine in the jar with their frosty white and light green hues. They look and taste like sweet treats, so treat yourself to some well deservered good karma, and get your fix by nana!  👵

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Taking The Hit: Babbling Brook

Fruit Bomb crumble extract produced by Apollo Grown

I hope my partner and I live near one of those stupid babbling brooks. 
Yeah, I just wanted to use 'babbling brook' even though it's corny and cliche - sue me.
Although we were watching, 'Nature's Fury', on Netflix the other evening. 
And I'm just laying there on our mattress on the wood floor.

I love wood floors, but I miss having carpet - it's better for crunches if you're a gym nut-almond by the way (I prefer to at least be a certain kind of nut).



But I'm stoned just watching this flash flood devour houses; like I would with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Caesars.
So, maybe a babbling brook ain't so sweet ya'll.

Anyways, I digress so I can continue to manifest-

1:1 Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

Vanilla Mint Gems produced by Drip Sweets

I hope we live in a cozy cabin that's just like a hobbit hole from Tolkien's vision.
Maybe an iron spiral staircase and bookshelves galore.
Shelves filled with books, Legos, and art supplies by the way.

Ever seen 'Beauty and the Beast'? That's okay if not, cause' here's what I'm picturing.

Ya dig?

Wishin' your dreams come true too by the way. We're all in this together :)

Taking The Hit: Orange Cookies grown by Pistil Point

Orange Cookies grown by Pistil Point

A fellow co-worker, Devin, recommened to me The Orange Cookies grown by Pistil Point. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, so I found this flower to be helpful for easing tension and inducing relaxation. 

College classes have been stressing my brain, and it definitely translates into my body. I feel a lot of muscle tension from worrying over deadlines, plus I exercise daily! 


The Orange Cookies eased that physical and mental strain within minutes. I took a hit from my bong in the evening, and watched an episode from Black Mirror. I felt so great from this smoke, that I felt compelled to text Devin 'thank you for the beautiful recommendation!'

So take it from two Agresticans who've enjoyed this herb, this is one sweet smoke!  Oh and on a final note- if you're into appearances and scents;

This flower is absolutely aesthetically pleasing, these buds rock different shades of purple hues that gleam in the light. They're like frosty purple gems, but smoke-able. They smell deliciously sweet and I should probably get my nose out of this jar now~ 🙃


Taking The Hit: A Poem ~ Every Person

Vanilla Fire OG CBD distillate cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

Every person is so multi-dimensional with experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. 

Every person is a beautiful piece of art, that seems to be always changing on so many levels-From the microscopic to the cosmic. 

I'm amazed and in wonder to say the least. And I feel honored to be a part of this experience, even if there is pain sometimes. 

Because the negative space, is what helps to create the focal point of any work of art. 🎨

Every time I see a person I wonder about their reality. Their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and world views. 

What shaped them. What made them. What possibly broke them. And how did they overcome it. 

Every time I see another person, I feel like I'm seeing another universe. But only just a glimpse. What drives them every day. What force ?



Classic Tincture made by Sun God Medicinals

Taking The Hit: Cinnamon Mints from Mr. Moxey's Mints

Cinnamon Mints made by Mr. Moxey's Mints

Mr. Moxey's Calming Cinnamon Mints worked perfectly! I was extremely surprised, and pleased with the immediate results of these edibles. I used them while my boyfriend and I were visiting family during the holidays. I was meeting his mother for the first time, so I was seriously nervous while sitting in the passenger seat of the car. My mind became engulfed with anxious thoughts about the up-coming social encounters. I honestly started to panic, and I could feel my palms producing sweat as a result. So I was feeling pretty mentally and physically nervous.

I grabbed the tin can of mints and placed a mint between my bottom lip and gums. Placing the mint here increases the speed of absorption into the body, due to the high amount of blood capillaries located in this area of the mouth. Normally I detest cinnamon flavored mints/gum, but these mints were delicious! The cinnamon also didn’t taste artificially flavored, which I appreciated. The additional herbs, especially the chamomile, tasted lovely and enhanced the overall flavor.

Cinnamon Mints from Mr. Moxey's Mints

It shocked me that I felt the mint immediately, because I’m a daily cannabis user with a high tolerance. It was surprising and very exciting to experience an extreme physical and mental relief from one mint! My nervous thoughts slowed down and then ceased completely. Any muscle tension that I was experiencing had also diminished. Physically, it felt like drinking half a beer. However mentally it was relaxing and quite clarifying. I would recommend this product to anyone, but especially for those who experience feelings of panic, nervousness, anxiety, or stress. I plan on making this product a staple item in my purse :)

Taking The Hit Double Feature: J1 from Cascade Valley Cannabis

J1 grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

J1 by Mama L

The J1 Flower by Cascade Valley Cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and I found it to be very mentally elevating. It also helped increase my focus, diminished any feelings of depression, and increased my overall inspiration for painting. Being in college part-time, and working on the side, can cause a lot of stress in my life. So I found the J1 strain to be very helpful for managing any stress. This strain also proved to be very helpful with increasing my focus on class material. The flower itself is also very aesthetically pleasing.

The buds were pretty big, vibrant, and felt fresh. The flower has a very pleasing aroma and it tastes sweet. I tried the J1 out of my bong before painting. The head high turned my stress into creative thoughts, and allowed me to focus on making artwork. I’d recommend this strain to anyone! Especially for those who are looking for a strain that aids in focus and creativity, while also reducing depression and stress. I'll definitely be purchasing this strain again in the future.

J1 grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

J1 by Preston

J1 has a nice lemon scent that helps lift me through my day. I typically smoke this during the day or late afternoon, and enjoy the cerebral buzz from it. This flower was priced so affordably that I made my own Rosin at home with it and got great results. The Rosin tasted just as lemony as its flower counterpart.