Taking The Hit: Banner #5 and 9lb Hammer x Cinex Extracts from Beehive Extracts

I got to try a couple strains from Beehive recently and I wanted to review and compare them. I had the Banner #5 and the 9lb Hammer x Cinex.

Banner #5 produced by Beehive Extracts

Banner #5

They said this one was a shatter but it definitely wasn't. Right when I opened the package I could tell it was starting to bond with the paper, so I bought a little silicone dab slick for it. Once I finally got it all in the container it had a whipped consistency, and it dried up a lot over the next week. The flavor was not unpleasant, but not enjoyable either. It had notes of pine and diesel but it wasn't overly strong so it was hard to distinguish. The high was heady and cloudy, good for just getting the job done when you want to get high, or forgetting what you walked in the room for every. single. time.

9lb Hammer x Cinex

I was indeed very satisfied with this one. They also said this was a shatter but it's more like a pull & snap. But it was much easier to get off the paper so I didn't hold it against them this time. The flavor was awesome, it had the classic 9lb Hammer flavor: fruity and sweet with some citrus, and the Cinex seemed to add a floral component. The high was mostly in the body, gentle and calm, great for a movie night and snuggling up on the couch.

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Taking The Hit: Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

This is such a great strain, and the best I’ve seen from Renegade so far. It has a great lemony flavor profile and hits hard at 22% for less than $10 a gram. I recommend this to most customers looking for a value or just a good indica hybrid. I can speak to the indica lean too, its very relaxing and my boyfriend actually doesn’t like it for that reason. I love indicas though, so... sucks for him I guess. It’s a great buy and I would definitely get it again.

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Taking The Hit: 1:1 THC CBD Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I got this product quite a while ago but I really loved it so I decided to review it. I don’t experience much regular pain so my review will be primarily about recreational use. First off, the oil is dark green and tastes strongly of cannabis. I was expecting this, but the taste was still unpleasant at first. My favorite way to consume this tincture was to drip two full droppers on the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. The cannabis flavor actually works pretty well with the cheesy buttery and toasty grilled cheese.

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens



I really love the way that the CBD and THC work together, for me CBD adds a warmth to the high almost like drinking a beer. My face gets more flushed and my body feels loose and relaxed. Mentally, I get stoned but I’m still able to focus, like driving on cruise control with your shoes off and the windows down with one hand on the wheel. I also liked taking a couple droppers of this right before a hike. You get a nice stoney experience and the CBD primes your muscles for hikin’. Overall it’s a great buy and made me want to recommend 1:1 edibles more often.

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Taking The Hit: Hawaiian Meringue Crumble Produced by Apollo Grown

Hawaiian Meringue Crumble grown and produced by Apollo Grown

I really like the extracts from Apollo. Hawaiian Meringue is soft and easy to work with and very tasty. So far I have tried Citrus Cheese and Hawaiian Meringue. It has a very sweet fruity scent and flavor. The Hawaiian Meringue is a little toastier than the Citrus Cheese, meaning it has a slightly harsher and dryer taste. The Citrus Cheese was also sweet and crisp and smooth, and I liked that one a little better. I would definitely buy either of them again though.

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Taking The Hit: Indica Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

I got one of these a while back and forgot to make a review. This bar was absolutely delicious. It was sweet and crunchy and well balanced. It came with card-stock dosing guide which says how to portion the bar into 5 mg chunks. I would definitely use a knife to portion the bar, because it doesn’t break evenly. Honestly this one was so good I ate a little too much. I split it with Aaron before bed and I actually couldn’t sleep for a bit because I was too high, despite the indica strain. I mention this with customers now and then, that since it’s so delicious and not divided into servings you may want to eat more than you need, so be careful. 

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Indica Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

Taking The Hit: Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot from Enjoy

Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

These shots have been selling like crazy since they are R$12 for 50mg of THC. I got to try one the other day and I thought it was really good. I had the sativa shot, and it was surprisingly energizing, which I wasn’t expecting because edibles usually aren’t strain specific. It tasted great too, I was expecting a chalky medicine taste but it was a really good lemonade/citrus flavor. The only problem I had was that it was hard to dose myself. I took what I thought was a medium sized sip and then over half the bottle was gone. I usually only take about 10mg of edibles at a time so I thought I would be crazy high, but it turned out alright. Overall I would buy this again.


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Taking The Hit: A Timely Perspective

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

When I was a kid my primary school took a field trip to the Boise Art Museum. I saw an art piece that has somehow stuck with me this long. The exhibit was about mechanical art in all its forms. This piece was a roller chain all jumbled onto itself, sitting vertically on a table. One end was feeding down into the table through an oil reservoir, and the other end feeding back out and coiling itself on the chain jumble. The new chain took up oil and it cascaded down onto the bundle and back into the reservoir. The chain snaked and meandered into different orientations, shimmering and serene. Our chaperone said it was special because the chain would only be in the same orientation once every 256 thousand years. It seemed like an eternity to me then.


Golden Lemons grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I didn't understand its significance at the time, but now I think I do. Our existence is like that chain. We will never experience the same reality twice. The cosmos will never be in the same orientation twice. Even the most repetitive task will be marked by a different frame of time. Each moment is completely unique, beautiful, and new, and in this way life is a work of art; one observed by the collective soul waiting in the ether. When you laugh, cry, dance, make love, cook a meal, or try something new, your actions shape reality into a wonderful new form. So live fully and live long, because you will never have this moment again.

Taking The Hit: Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge from Winberry Farms

This cartridge is a good little smoker. I got the traveler size, which is Winberry’s disposable model. It’s small but I’ve gotten some good puffs from it. I will say that the oil wicking system is spotty, sometimes it would clog and I got a harsh hit that made me cough like crazy. But what do you expect from a disposable, right? The Strawberry Lemonade oil was very tasty though, it has a crisp fruity sweetness. The high is calm, heady, and functional. Overall I really enjoyed the cartridge. 

Strawberry Lemonade 1/2g distillate cartridge from Winberry Farms

Taking The Hit: My Favorite Spot

Kacey watering the Doc Beast Clone

The Boise river cuts through the rolling golden hills of Western Idaho

Cliffs of black basalt flank the waterline.

Southwest of town below the reservoir lies Surprise Valley

And at the southern crest of this valley indeed there is a surprise.

Follow the Oregon Trail along the canyonside to mount the cliffs

Near the edge is a warning of crumbling rock and abrupt drop.

There you will discover a rift in the ground

And those brave enough will follow it down

Lemon OG grown by Dicot Farms


Between the igneous rock and out

to a cold seat on the cliffside

A gentle din of engines echoes through the canyon

A cold and ceaseless wind pierces your breast

A majestic view captivates us two

Cleansing our souls anew

Taking The Hit Double Feature: OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

We doing a double feature of reviews today for OG Kush flower grown by Rebel Spirit!

OG Kush by Kacey

I have had my eye on this flower since it hit the menu. I've been on the lookout for good deals and Rebel Spirit always comes through. This OG Kush sold me with its dense, frosty nugs and pungent aroma. I was excited to try such a classic strain and I really loved it. The high induces a warm bliss which fades into relaxation. It's a very chill experience. I even considered buying an ounce just to stock up on a good thing.

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

OG Kush by Alex

It all started when I got a sample from Rebel Spirit, that sample was OG Kush.

I have never really been an Indica guy, but as soon as I opened the package, I knew I was going to enjoy this smoke. OG Kush just bursts with notes of humulene terpenes and undertones of caryophyllene and some lemonene. It also tests at 18% THC so I was really excited to go home and try it. The effects were really stoney, I only got two hits in before I got so lost in my thoughts for a good hour that I forgot I was smoking a bowl. After I finished off the rest of my bowl I relaxed and laughed myself to sleep.

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

Taking The Hit: UK Cheese from Frontier Farms

UK Cheese from Frontier Farms in the Spiked Sherlock pipe both available at The Agrestic North

UK Cheese from Frontier Farms in the Spiked Sherlock pipe both available at The Agrestic North

I got a gram of UK Cheese last week because it seemed like a steal. I was not disappointed. The flavor is hard to describe, it smells pine-y with sweet cheese notes, but when you smoke it the sweetness really comes out. It was also very smooth, and overall an enjoyable smoke. I found the high starts off euphoric and giggly but gets heavier towards the end, so it's probably a true hybrid. I was laughing uncontrollably at The Office and bouncing around my boyfriend one night, but I didn't have trouble sleeping later. I would definitely buy this one again.

UK Cheese from Frontier Farms in the Spiked Sherlock pipe both available at The Agrestic North

UK Cheese from Frontier Farms in the Spiked Sherlock pipe both available at The Agrestic North