Jaeger OG

Taking The Hit: Jaeger OG grown by Hillside Herbs

Jaeger OG Flower...

Jaeger OG grown by Hillside Herbs

This little 80% Indica was not what I was expecting to be honest.. It had a very fresh earthy lemon sent and an extremely aromatic flavor when smoked. On the inhale I noticed the taste before everything else, what I noticed next was how smooth the hit was, and the exhale tasted almost as floral going out as it did in. 
 In an instant the very gentle feeling of deep relaxation covered me like a blanket and I could feel my body sinking into the couch for what would likely be the remainder of the night. As I sat and watched TV I felt extremely calm and at ease with just a touch of spaciness. After a while the effects seemed to creep up into a stronger couch lock and if left immobile for too long a comforting sedation began to set in. And as my night came to an end I found it almost impossible to keep my eyes open, laying down for bed I finally let this strains effects fizzle out by providing a restful and much needed full night’s sleep.

- Megz

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