Taking The Hit: Banner #5 and 9lb Hammer x Cinex Extracts from Beehive Extracts

I got to try a couple strains from Beehive recently and I wanted to review and compare them. I had the Banner #5 and the 9lb Hammer x Cinex.

Banner #5 produced by Beehive Extracts

Banner #5

They said this one was a shatter but it definitely wasn't. Right when I opened the package I could tell it was starting to bond with the paper, so I bought a little silicone dab slick for it. Once I finally got it all in the container it had a whipped consistency, and it dried up a lot over the next week. The flavor was not unpleasant, but not enjoyable either. It had notes of pine and diesel but it wasn't overly strong so it was hard to distinguish. The high was heady and cloudy, good for just getting the job done when you want to get high, or forgetting what you walked in the room for every. single. time.

9lb Hammer x Cinex

I was indeed very satisfied with this one. They also said this was a shatter but it's more like a pull & snap. But it was much easier to get off the paper so I didn't hold it against them this time. The flavor was awesome, it had the classic 9lb Hammer flavor: fruity and sweet with some citrus, and the Cinex seemed to add a floral component. The high was mostly in the body, gentle and calm, great for a movie night and snuggling up on the couch.

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Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract Produced by White Label Extracts

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extract from flower grown by Raw Zen

I've been leaning into extracts as my main source of cannabis lately. Not only do I get better flavor from extracts than flower, but it is also a more discrete form of consumption, and it's better for my body than smoking flower. White Label Extracts is by and far the company that I purchase extracts from the most. White Label has a great range of price points, extracts of different consistencies, a rotating library of strains, and above all else always put out top shelf oils. 

This time around they've created a high terpene extract out of my favorite Sativa strain Sour Tangie. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting a Sour Tangie strain, this is a cross of Tangie and Sour Diesel. Sour Tangie is best known for it's Valencia orange and pine scent and it's mood boosting effects. What's special about this rendition of Sour Tangie, you hypothetically ask. That's where the High Terpene part of the extract comes in, as this has a 9.12% terpene profile! 

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Raw Zen. 

Terpenes are aromatic molecules which create scent and flavor. The White Label Sour Tangie has an orange scent, and a syrupy "terp sap" consistency. I love the flavor that I get out of these dabs, and I like to vaporize them at lower temperatures to get the most out of it. This strain has such pleasant effects. The high is energetic without pushing me into anxiousness, it's also euphoric and slightly relaxing. I have a bit of trouble keeping this extract on my dab tool, due to the sauce-like consistency, so I tend to use this dab the most by dipping my other more solid extracts into it. It pulls any strain I'm smoking into a happy, talkative, tasty direction. 

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Taking The Hit: Strawnanna Terp Batter from LTRMN Squeeze

Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

This extract was so delicious I thought it was infused with food grade terpenes! It such an intense fresh smoothie scent, you’d think you just walked into your local Jumba Juice after a blender was used with no lid! As far as the effects go, it was pretty euphoric, relaxing and if you were already tired, you just might be able to go to sleep.  Goodness it was tasty.

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Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

Taking The Hit: Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap Produced by White Label Extracts

Amnesia Haze produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

This extract was a stroke of luck for me because I LOVE White Label Extracts and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Amnesia Haze flower from Love Life Farms!!!

This was an amazing dab! I decided that the BEST way to enjoy the effects and flavor of this lovely Pull-N-Snap was with my new-ish Nector Collector. The first thing I noticed was that this product was a pretty stable, but very sticky, slab of Pull-N-Snap with a beautiful light-amber coloration to it; to the point of being able to see through it when held up to the light. And the sweet yet slightly citrus-y aroma definitely complimented the smooth spicy-earthy taste that presented itself when vaporized.

Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

A wonderfully uplifting burst of energy spread over my entire body as a slightly hazy mind change set in. One of the best things about I noticed about this strain is you can be as active as you want and even the high will help keep you motivated! Personally I've found it most enjoyable when utilized right before a nice leisurely bike ride... with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face that uplifting motivational high just can't be beat.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Hawaiian Meringue Crumble Produced by Apollo Grown

Hawaiian Meringue Crumble grown and produced by Apollo Grown

I really like the extracts from Apollo. Hawaiian Meringue is soft and easy to work with and very tasty. So far I have tried Citrus Cheese and Hawaiian Meringue. It has a very sweet fruity scent and flavor. The Hawaiian Meringue is a little toastier than the Citrus Cheese, meaning it has a slightly harsher and dryer taste. The Citrus Cheese was also sweet and crisp and smooth, and I liked that one a little better. I would definitely buy either of them again though.

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Taking The Hit: Raspberry Sky Distillate Shatter from Winberry Farms

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

This is the second time I've gotten to try the Winberry Farms distillate extracts. The first of their extract strains that I tried was the Tropical Trainwreck, you can find that review here. I was impressed with the flavor and effects of the Tropical Trainwreck, so I jumped on the chance to try the Raspberry Sky.

Raspberry Sky has the same beautiful soft yellow coloring that the Tropical Trainwreck distillate had. It sparkles as it catches the light, and has a consistency like dry clay. Stable at room temperature but easy to crumble and break with a tool.

The flavor was surprisingly similar to real raspberries, though it had a slightly more candied flavor than actual raspberries. It was like how I imagine a real life blue raspberry would taste. It had a very nice smooth smoke, and thanks to some recent upgrades to my dabbing equipment, I was able to dab it at a low temperatures. 

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

As far as the effects go, this was certainly a more sativa strain than the Tropical Trainwreck distillate was. I was clear headed and functional on this strain, and filled with energy to do things (read: clean my house and play games). Sometimes, if I smoked a bit too much at once, I would notice a slight headache from being too high. It's easy to do with this strain, as it tests at 82.9% THC. 

A fun strain while it lasted! Now I just need to try the Guava OG!

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Taking The Hit: Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap Produced by Tree Honey

Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap produced by Tree Honey

This is the first extract I've had the chance to try from Tree Honey. Tree Honey, produced by Claywolf, is usually a slightly darker or less stable oil than the traditional Claywolf brand of extracts. I got to try the strain Brain Freeze, which is a Sativa hybrid extract with a Pull-N-Snap consistency. The oil has an amber/orange coloring to it, and is definitely on the tackier side of a Pull-N-Snap. I found that popping it in my fridge when I wasn't using it helped to solidify the oil when I was using it to dab. I'm not sure if it's the paper that Tree Honey is using or the oil itself, but the oil did not want to let go, and I may have torn a hole or two in the paper trying to get it off.

Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap produced by Tree Honey

My favorite part of this oil is the taste. It tastes very much like cloves, hops, and wood, and has just as much flavor as Claywolf's original line. It seriously reminds me of pumpkin pie spice when I taste it. For a Sativa hybrid it gives me quite a strong head change, and it triggers my appetite so I like to smoke it when I know I'm going to have a meal or a snack. It is not sedative, but I wouldn't say it gave me a particular burst of energy either. 

Brain Freeze tests at 66.4% THC, and sells for R$21 per gram. After trying this, I will be picking up new Tree Honey strains in the future.

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Taking The Hit: Tropical Trainwreck Distillate Shatter from Winberry Farms

Tropical Trainwreck distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

Winberry Farms has a knack for creating great tasting distillate oils. For a while now, they've been my go-to company for buying distillate vape cartridges. Their blackberry cream tastes just like one of those Creme Savers candies I used to eat as a kid. The Mango Super Silver Haze is incredibly reminiscent of a pomello, being both fruity and floral. So Tropical Trainwreck is just what you would expect from the name, and gives off a strong fruit punch flavor. 


Tropical Trainwreck distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

I have tried Winberry's Tropical Trainwreck strain before in a cartridge, so I thought I knew what to expect from this oil in a dab-able form. To my pleasant surprise the flavor and effects of the dab was much more intense than the cartridge. To start, the distillate Tropical Trainwreck shatter is an astounding 86.5% THC! Which meant that I only had to use a small portion of the oil to reach a very comfortable high.

The flavor of the dab was also creamier than I remember the cartridge being, while still having that signature fruit punch flavor. The color is a soft, almost powdered yellow, that sparkles when it catches the light. The texture is surprisingly soft for a shatter. The oil had a soft give more like a hard dough than a brittle shatter, and I appreciated not having to worry about any errant shatter trying to jump away. Tropical Trainwreck is a sativa-hybrid, and the high for me was very cerebral. It's a strain that won't put you to sleep, but can still space you out. 

Tropical Trainwreck distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms



While a bit pricey for me to buy as an everyday strain at R $75.60 / M $63, I would definitely consider picking up Tropical Trainwreck, or a sister strain, for a special treat in the future. 


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Taking The Hit: Blue Hawaiian Crumble Produced by Apollo Grown

I decided to try this particular extract strain at two separate times of the day...

  1. The first time I sampled Blue Hawaiian was for a morning Wake-N-Bake tester. I found that I actually really enjoyed this strain first thing in the morning. It brought a very nice uplifted alertness to my mind and provided just enough energy to sweep any left over drowsiness away so I could happily tackle anything the day brought me.

  2. The second sample was more or a Mid-Day tester. This also provided me with a nice dose of energy that left me feeling more uplifted and awake rather than motivational or active. This did however prove to be a great mid-day strain if your power levels start to fall halfway through the day, or you just need an extra little boost to get you through the rest of your evening.


Blue Hawaiian Crumble produced by Apollo Grown. 

This extract is a beautiful 1g slab of tightly compact crumble, the packaging is elegant and so flashy with gold accents, and the price is one that won't hurt the bank or your wallet.


  • The taste was smooth and very easy on the inhale with a light hint of sweet for the aftertaste. The flavor profile being as subtle as it was I actually had to take a couple dabs to really gauge the slight sweetness to it.


  • The effects were felt almost instantaneous! With a burst of feeling awake and a nice rush of energy Blue Hawaiian can easily be used during any time of the day.

Blue Hawaiian Crumble produced by Apollo Grown.

With an organic and environmentally sustainable method of growing, Apollo Grown is definitely reaching a new level of standards within the Recreational Cannabis Industry. With one goal in mind: "To provide our community with healthy marijuana products by utilizing environmentally sustainable practices. And like Apollo riding Pegasus to the top of Mount Olympus, we hope to serve as a leader in this emerging industry and to shed light on new innovations. Please join us on our quest!"

This extract is 100% worth the buy and isn't too expensive either!

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Alternative Facts Shatter Produced by Claywolf from Flower Grown by Old Apple Farm

Alternative Facts shatter produced by Claywolf from flower grown by Old Apple Farm

It was love at first sight. The colorful marbled design with a wolf face wax seal and a window to look at the beautiful extract inside. I’m talking about the packaging of the Extracts by Clay Wolf. Such a beautiful display for an equally amazing product. The Alternative Facts was the name of the strain and strong sativa was its game. The extract had sugared up and the terpenes had started separating from the THC which caused it to shimmer in the light when examined closely. The somewhat spicy, kind of floral flavor really hit hard and I could feel my cheeks blushing after one dab. Be cautious of paranoia/ anxiety on this one, I believe it is called alternative facts due to this effect. Had me questioning everything I thought I knew, but in the best way possible. If someone told you it’s bad they’re probably just telling you alternative facts.

Taking The Hit: Blue Dragon Desert Frost Extract Produced by Dab Society

Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society from flower by Yerba Buena

Until trying Blue Dragon Desert Frost I have never had a high CBD strain work for pain, and give me a non psycho active euphoric energy boost. This is a great choice for pain relief in the day time when you want to be functional and you don't really want the high. Dab Society knows how to extract and Yerba Buena know how to grow some amazing cannabis. Blue Dragon Desert Frost is a high CBD Sativa strain with a nice floral scent, it tests at 69% CBD and 3.2% THC . 

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Taking The Hit: Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society

These Dabs were a little more on the spendy side, but I have very fond memories of the flower from when we had it on our shelves. This might be my new favorite concentrate. It gives a euphoric feeling without actually being stoned. I have been using it after long days of teaching classes and it has helped take away the post workout soreness. It has a very smooth, sweet flavor that is hard to specifically describe. Sure it's expensive, but it's also amazing. 

Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society from flower grown by Yerba Beuna. 

Diana also loves Blue Dragon Desert Frost, you can read her two part haiku about the flower here.

Taking The Hit: Perma Frost NR extract produced by White Label Extracts

Perma Frost NR produced by White Label Extracts. Made from flower grown by Butte Creek Farm. 

I've been a medical marijuana patient for a while now and I've come to rely heavily on cannabis to get through each day. I've been using a lot of extract lately, and White Label's consistency of excellence continues to amaze and delight me. Their Perma Frost Nug Run extract is no exception, and is processed very well. I especially like how White Label has listed the terpene profile for this strain right on the package. The Perma Frost is a Pull-N-Snap consistency with a yellowish/light amber color to it and has earthy, citrus, and floral notes to its smell.

Once smoked, it has a smooth, pleasant taste to it as well. This strain definitely feels like a Hybrid, as I felt both uplifting Sativa effects from it as well as relaxing Indica effects. It was helpful in taking away my body pain, yet also aided me in focusing and keeping my attention on one thing long enough to complete it. I also noticed how I was able to maintain my energy levels, as it didn't cause fatigue when it began to wear off. All in all, Perma Frost NR is a fantastic strain that I will definitely be purchasing again. 

Taking The Hit: Strawberry Cough WPR extract from White Label Extracts

Strawberry Cough Whole Plant Run Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts. Made from flower grown by Butte Creek Farms.

Some of the best dabs I've smoked in a while is the Strawberry Cough whole plant run from White Label Extracts, one of my favorite processors! The high was very stony and honestly not super functional, but that is kind of to be expected from a whole plant run. I found the medicinal benefits of this strain really found helpful. I would like to also mention how impressed I was by the color and taste of the Strawberry Cough especially for a whole plant run. I've noticed White Label's whole plant run extracts I've tried all seem to be very consistently great in that regard. This is a great sativa extract for someone who is wanting a recreational high with great medicinal benefits!

Taking The Hit: The Cannabinoid CBN

CBN Transdermal Patch produced by Mary's Medicinals

I don't know many people who will argue with me when I say that the end of cannabis prohibition is a positive thing, but to the few who have something to say I immediately point to the quickly growing pool of research that it has provided about this fascinating plant! With cannabis becoming legal in many states it has allowed scientists to identify over 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and study how each interacts with our endocannabinoid system in different ways. When it comes to the effects of marijuana compound, THC and CBD receive most of the attention, and while they may deserve the spotlight, today I want to focus attention onto my friend CBN.

100 Watt Kind NR Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts. 100 Watt Kind was created from flower grown by Applegate River Roots. 100 Watt Kind has 1 mg of CBN per serving and 20.1mg CBN per container. 

CBN is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid that is produced from the degradation of THC naturally over time or when exposed to heat and oxygen. There is usually a trace amount of CBN found in the flowers of a fresh plant, but only after months of aging will the numbers typically increase above 1%.  The benefits of CBN haven't been fully discovered due to the fairly recent research into its specific properties, but we have already found dozens of medicinal benefits on the user such as: providing pain relief, promoting bone cell growth by triggering stem cells, stimulating appetite, and working as an incredibly sedative sleep aid.

It is also proving to be anti-inflammatory with the additional benefit of reducing mucus and showing signs of helping with asthma and glaucoma, it acts as an anti-convulsive- though it doesn't seem quite as effective as THC and CBD here, and it also has an incredible anti-bacterial effect that has shown the ability to kill MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that kills thousands of people in the US every year. There are other promising effects of the compound that will soon help the medical world in the areas of burn treatment, psoriasis, and so many more, as it has shown to lower body temperature and to limit an overgrowth in skin cells.

100 Watt Kind NR Pull-N-Snap extract from White Label Extracts. 100 Watt Kind was created from flower grown by Applegate River Roots. 100 Watt Kind has 1 mg of CBN per serving and 20.1mg CBN per container. 

What was once looked down upon as a less psychoactive product of poorly stored flower is now being recognized as an incredibly complex and important cannabinoid that is inspiring a lot of new research. Many growers are figuring out ways to encourage larger amounts of CBN, and the key seems to be time. By pushing the harvest time back it allows the tricomes to develop a deep amber color before harvest. During the curing process it can be tricky, as the goal is to slightly degrade the THC without lessening the quality of the flower. By using high humidity packs, poking holes in the lid, and storing the cannabis in clear jars with access to lots of light, it allows the highly psychoactive compound to break down into the deeply sedative CBN without losing flavor or quality.

Stay tuned for my review on two new high CBN products we're carrying: Mary's Medicinal's CBN Transdermal Patches, and White Label Extract's Grease Monkey WPR BHO Honeycomb extract! Hold onto your pillows and join me in my search for a full night's sleep!

Taking The Hit: Yotokko BHO extract from Original Extracts

Yotokko BHO extract produced by Original Extracts

People sometimes shy away from the occasional different extract 'blends' that we end up with on the menu, but I'm here to tell you that they're no slouches by any means, in particular the Yotokko oil from Original Extracts!! It's a combination of *I think* like eight or nine different strains, including at least one high in CBD (the Yotokko contains a nice 5.8% CBD, definitely enough to make a difference). Original has done a wonderful job coming up with a blend that's not only high in medicinal value, but is also big on flavor as well. It's difficult to determine which terpene is most prominent in this one, but what can be said is that it's got a wonderful flavor and is obviously well-purged. The high is equally as nice, with that CBD content shining through to provide a nice 'backbone,' if you will. Pick some up at The Agrestic today!!!