Taking The Hit: 1:1 Tangos Mixed Sour Fruit Bites from Lunchbox Alchemy

1:1 Tangos, Mixed Sour Fruit Bites from Lunchbox Alchemy

These fruit bites were helpful for relaxation and falling asleep. They have a similar taste to the candy “Sour Patch Kids” and the product contains a variety of flavors like strawberry, blood orange, and green apple.  I took these on a trip with me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to smoke but I still wanted some form of cannabis to help relax. However I am a frequent cannabis user so I was initially skeptical of this edible reaching my tolerance, but it did with flying colors! One full gummy was able to help me to relax and fall asleep before bed and in the middle of the night. So if you’re looking for a smokeless experience that induces relaxation and sleep, check out these 1:1 sour Tangos fruit bites! 

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The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set!

The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set

Cannamas came early! Still need a present for that special someone? Or maybe you deserve a gift all to yourself? Whoever it's for, we've done all the hard work for you!

Childproofed and pre-wrapped, these cannagifts contain a wide variety of products hailing from nearly every section of our store. In each package you'll find a liquid edible Enjoy shot, a gram of our very own Renegade Roots flower in a glass stash jar, a 1/2g Solsgreen Asteroid pre-roll (these pre-rolls contain a potent mix of flower, kief, and oil), a 1/4 gram disposable vaporizer cartridge from Green Dragon Extracts, and either a trial sized .5mL vial of Empower Bodycare's famous Topical Relief Oil OR a rejuvenating lip balm from Medicine Farm Botanical.

The products in each package are sorted into Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica Hybrid, and Indica collections. Making it easy to pick a set that's tailored to your giftee.

On sale for M $41.67 / R $50, our Cannamas Gift Sets are only here as long as supplies last, so come on down to either of our locations to claim yours!

Taking The Hit: 1:1 THC CBD Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I got this product quite a while ago but I really loved it so I decided to review it. I don’t experience much regular pain so my review will be primarily about recreational use. First off, the oil is dark green and tastes strongly of cannabis. I was expecting this, but the taste was still unpleasant at first. My favorite way to consume this tincture was to drip two full droppers on the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. The cannabis flavor actually works pretty well with the cheesy buttery and toasty grilled cheese.

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens



I really love the way that the CBD and THC work together, for me CBD adds a warmth to the high almost like drinking a beer. My face gets more flushed and my body feels loose and relaxed. Mentally, I get stoned but I’m still able to focus, like driving on cruise control with your shoes off and the windows down with one hand on the wheel. I also liked taking a couple droppers of this right before a hike. You get a nice stoney experience and the CBD primes your muscles for hikin’. Overall it’s a great buy and made me want to recommend 1:1 edibles more often.

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Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 5

Remission 1/2g cartridge produced by EVOLVD

A double feature of haikus today! Both of the poems featured today were authored by Horatio Baker. If you want to read previous Agrestican Haikus that we've written click here. 



Grown weeds in the field

are an affront, it is said;

yet here are flowers.



Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread produced by Lux

Diving Deep

When I breath in fire,

It's a cool euphemism

for doing the weeds.


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Taking The Hit: Indica Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

I got one of these a while back and forgot to make a review. This bar was absolutely delicious. It was sweet and crunchy and well balanced. It came with card-stock dosing guide which says how to portion the bar into 5 mg chunks. I would definitely use a knife to portion the bar, because it doesn’t break evenly. Honestly this one was so good I ate a little too much. I split it with Aaron before bed and I actually couldn’t sleep for a bit because I was too high, despite the indica strain. I mention this with customers now and then, that since it’s so delicious and not divided into servings you may want to eat more than you need, so be careful. 

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Indica Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

Taking The Hit: Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

Sour Diesel Olive Oil produced by Little House Foods

My default assumption from pop-culture was that edibles were sweet treats like chocolates and brownies. So when a new product, like the Little House infused olive oil, comes into our store it catches my attention. Olive oil is an interesting thing to dose with THC. It's not an get-and-eat edible that you pop in your mouth and enjoy like a truffle. (I mean, unless you want to.) It takes a bit more thought into how you're going to prepare it to eat. Especially since I most commonly use oil to roast potatoes in the oven, and I felt like that would be wasting the oil in the pan.

Inspiration first struck me when I was wandering around the grocery store. I was picking up some bread and passed by a display of hummus! If you didn't know, one of hummus' main ingredients is olive oil. I scooped out about a 1/4 of a 10oz  package of hummus and mixed in the entire 5mL of the dosed olive oil. To my delight the hummus completely absorbed the oil that I added in, and I couldn't taste any of the common cannabis-plant flavor that is sometimes found in savory edibles. 

The next time I buy this olive oil I plan on creating a dipping plate with it, a nice raspberry balsamic vinegar, and a loaf of freshly baked french bread. Since I couldn't taste the cannabis flavor of the olive oil when I used it in the hummus I think this olive oil can be used as if you had a traditional olive. It could be easily used to top some pasta or create a salad dressing. 

Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

Sour Diesel Olive Oil from Little House Foods

I have used coconut oil tinctures before for baking, and olive oil would be another good substitute if you're a fan of sweet treats. This recipe is very close to the pie crust recipe that I use at home, and makes a great based for a dosed pie crust as you don't need to alter the recipe at all. Since the crust of the pie is dosed, the fillings of the pie could be left untouched, creating a balance to any herbal flavor the crust would have. Dosing is a snap for pies when the crust is what you're infusing. If you split your pie into even pieces all you need to do is diving the amount of THC you've put into the crust by the number of slices to find out the dose per slice. For example, if you put the 50mg olive oil into a six slice pie, you would have about 8.3mg of THC per slice. (50mg of THC / 6 slices = 8.3mg of THC per slice of pie)

The olive oil is a steal at R $12 / M $10 for a full 50mg of THC. It's also a strain specific edible, currently the ones we have in the shop are made with Sour Diesel which is a Sativa strain. This is definitely an edible that I'll be picking up again!

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Taking The Hit: Indica Hypnos Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

Hypnos Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I recently tried the Indica Hypnos Tincutre produced by TJ's Gardens. I got this product initially to help manage my sleep regimen as I tend to suffer from bouts of insomnia. Upon getting the product home I followed the Instructions on the bottle for use and attempted to see how the recommended dose worked, .66mL about 3/4s of a dropper. I found the taste of the product to be pleasant, It did have a mild cannabis (green) flavor that persisted for a short time after swallowing the tincture. I found that the single dose for my tolerance and body size was a little underwhelming and so for subsequent doses I used 2 full mL (~About 3 doses) and that had me feeling wonderful and floaty, ready to slip into slumber at the gentle coaxing of a pillow.  I would recommend this product to anyone hoping to soften the edges of any anxiety they may suffer, or looking to find some deep relaxation without smoking.

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Taking The Hit: Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot from Enjoy

Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

These shots have been selling like crazy since they are R$12 for 50mg of THC. I got to try one the other day and I thought it was really good. I had the sativa shot, and it was surprisingly energizing, which I wasn’t expecting because edibles usually aren’t strain specific. It tasted great too, I was expecting a chalky medicine taste but it was a really good lemonade/citrus flavor. The only problem I had was that it was hard to dose myself. I took what I thought was a medium sized sip and then over half the bottle was gone. I usually only take about 10mg of edibles at a time so I thought I would be crazy high, but it turned out alright. Overall I would buy this again.


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Taking The Hit: 1:1 Fruity Nut Bar Produced by Laurie + Mary Jane

✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

1:1 Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + Mary Jane

I recently had my neck go out and it was very painful to move my head from left to right and back. Between the pain and having to toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable this issue was causing me to have trouble sleeping. After a few sleepless nights I decided to try Laurie + Mary Jane's 1:1 Bar hoping to get the full cannabinoid effect to relieve my extreme pain.

It was super yummy! Like a healthy rice crispy treat! With banana and chocolate! I took half of it about 15 minuets before bed. Finally! Some relief! I slept soundly all night with out waking up once! I also noticed a much less sever pain and more mobility in my neck due to the muscle relaxing effects of the CBD. It was a very welcome first experience with this product.

It does have a slight hint of a "green" taste. But I did not find it to be unpleasant or overpowering. The delicious taste of the bar far outweighs any cannabis flavor. The maker of these delicious bars, Laurie Wolf, is a famous gourmet chef who written 6+ cookbooks, four of which are cannabis cookbooks. Her quality and love for delicious food reflects in this product.  I would definitely be trying these again. I really love having a healthier edible option that still tastes great! This would be a really great bar for someone who tends to get anxious, as the CBD has a very soothing, calming effect.  Or anyone who is just looking for some pain relief! 

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Taking The Hit: Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot from Enjoy

I decided to try this product for two different reasons...

  1. They look very much like those energy shots you see at convenient stores.
  2. I had a customer say they didn't taste very good.

What I noticed first is that there was only two ways to drink this little shot. Either you could immediately down the whole thing [which for me was 3 swift gulps] or you could sip on it and make it last much, much longer. Sipping this tasty little beverage is definitely a reasonable option, and provides a much more palatable taste, and lessens the strength of the effects. Downing the entire 2oz shot does have some benefits as well, not only do you get to experience the full effects of this tiny drink and can take larger doses at once.

Sativa Citrus Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy



  • The taste, honestly, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was this nice orange lemonade like flavoring to start, finished off with a decently noticeable cannabis aftertaste.


The Sip Method:

  • With the Sip Method you can get up to 10 servings per 2oz Shot. The taste is much more bearable with its light orange fruity flavoring and a very mild hint of cannabis extract on the aftertaste. The effects were felt nearly immediate on an empty stomach, though they were very mellow and felt almost more in the background with an uplifting and slightly alert mindset.



The Down-It Method:

  • With the Down-It Method you would generally only get 1 serving per 2oz Shot. The taste can be a bit harsh with its cannabis extract aftertaste, but if you like the traditional Energy Shots I'm sure you'll be just fine. The effects started a bit more gradually with this method, a slow climb to the peak of its effects beginning with a sense of awake alertness that grew until there was only energy left. I felt great and very awake for the first hour and a half after full consumption, but crashed hard afterwards. My crash was well deserved and much needed, and nicely only lasted an hour or two tops. 

Over all my experience was enjoyed, although, I do feel that next time I'll try half a shot instead of a full shot, to see if I still crash after the high has started to fade.

- Megz

Taking The Hit: Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

I tried the Sativa Fruity Nut bar from Laurie + MaryJane just last night. The Fruity Nut Bar has a really nice crisped rice texture to the bar and tasted much like a rice-based power bar with lovely hints of fruity dried apricot and chocolate. There was a definitely a plant-like cannabis flavor when you bite into the bar but that flavor didn't stick around to the aftertaste. I think it's great that these edibles are strain specific, and they come packaged with a nice cardboard insert inside that had a guide for how to cut the bar into 5mg doses. The high for this edible was very energetic and functional.  I could definitely tell that it was a more sativa edible experience, and I would definitely try this edible again.

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Taking The Hit: CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

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The Ginger CBD Moxie mints were a perfect option for me to take through out the day to help me de-stress and relax. I took two of the mints the first thing in the morning and then three later in the afternoon. I found that by holding them in my mouth I was able to start to feel the effects of the CBD within 30 minutes or so, when I typically feel edibles at around the 45 minutes to 1 hour mark.

I really liked that they had a nice gingery taste that was not too overpowering like a breath mint can be.  I would recommend these to anyone looking for a discrete and simple way to ingest CBD. 

CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

Taking The Hit: Cinnamon Mints from Mr. Moxey's Mints

Cinnamon Mints made by Mr. Moxey's Mints

Mr. Moxey's Calming Cinnamon Mints worked perfectly! I was extremely surprised, and pleased with the immediate results of these edibles. I used them while my boyfriend and I were visiting family during the holidays. I was meeting his mother for the first time, so I was seriously nervous while sitting in the passenger seat of the car. My mind became engulfed with anxious thoughts about the up-coming social encounters. I honestly started to panic, and I could feel my palms producing sweat as a result. So I was feeling pretty mentally and physically nervous.

I grabbed the tin can of mints and placed a mint between my bottom lip and gums. Placing the mint here increases the speed of absorption into the body, due to the high amount of blood capillaries located in this area of the mouth. Normally I detest cinnamon flavored mints/gum, but these mints were delicious! The cinnamon also didn’t taste artificially flavored, which I appreciated. The additional herbs, especially the chamomile, tasted lovely and enhanced the overall flavor.

Cinnamon Mints from Mr. Moxey's Mints

It shocked me that I felt the mint immediately, because I’m a daily cannabis user with a high tolerance. It was surprising and very exciting to experience an extreme physical and mental relief from one mint! My nervous thoughts slowed down and then ceased completely. Any muscle tension that I was experiencing had also diminished. Physically, it felt like drinking half a beer. However mentally it was relaxing and quite clarifying. I would recommend this product to anyone, but especially for those who experience feelings of panic, nervousness, anxiety, or stress. I plan on making this product a staple item in my purse :)

Taking The Hit: Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Gummies from Wana

Wana Gummies

The first thing I want to say about the Wana gummies is that I love that they come in a child proof container! No more pesky exit bags that end up living in my car somewhere.

The Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 was super tasty! They were a nice combo of sweet with a bit of tartness. You could taste a hint of cannabis in them, which did not detract from their flavor at all and honestly if I can't taste a bit of the cannabis flavor in a edible, I feel like I am not getting the full experience.

The high from them was excellent, a great body high with lots of giggles. I am a light weight with edibles so one gummy (about 8.5mg) was able to give me a nice heavy stone for about 4 hours.