Taking The Hit: Dutch Treat Distillate Cartridge Produced by Orchid Essentials

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

The Dutch Treat Cartridge from Orchid is one of the best quality cartridges I've ever had. The sturdy construction of the capsule itself and the powerful delivery method are worth the difference in price compared to their competition. So many brands fail to have their product thoroughly enjoyed simply because of the physical integrity of their cartridges. A product that is almost as delicate as a glass rig for the home, fails to meet the criteria for "convenient"- at least in the contexts of travel and portability. The flavor is a strong lemon-herb but is not acrid or overwhelming on the palette. It's effects were mellow head high onset and plateaus into an extremely euphoric and jolly stasis. If you are a light cartridge user I could not recommend Orchid more.

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Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 4

We've cooked up a new batch of haiku's for you to enjoy!

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Hell's Fire OG grown by Renegade Roots

I've Found That Even With All the Time in the World, You Only Have Two Hands

by Horatio Baker


With two instruments

I can create symphonies

but not without friends


An Arden Tree by Dan


Unbent, Unbroken,

A birch beautifully bedecked -

Lignifying sight

Phantom Kush grown by Renegade Roots


Heavy Metal by Horatio Baker


I can eat fish but,

sometimes I'm mercurial,

It's lead to problems.



Spring by Yami


Allergies are back

With a vengeance it would seem

Ready the tissue 🤧

Purple Pez grown by Renegade Roots



by Horatio Baker

I can pick-up trash

to make my world a good place.

Except Saturdays.



Blackberry by Devin


Blackberry smells nice

It tastes like blackberry too

Smooth smoke and yummy


Tangerine Peel grown by Renegade Roots

Wordsmith's Conundrum

by Horatio Baker


Wit, honed to a tip

Can cut through the thickest skin;

On both its edges.


Taking The Hit: Extracts Produced By White Label Extracts

Chocolate Orange WPR Terp Sap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Mother Magnolia Medicinals

After my first hit of White Label Extract's Peach Cheesewreck Pull-n-Snap, I knew they were doing something different. Upon further digging I found that WLE consistently provide some of the lowest PPMs of pesticides and butane in their product. This company ensures that they provide a high potency and health-conscience product. Given their track record of working long term with quality gardens that keep pesticide use in mind when cultivating, and their practice of slow and careful purges with solvents that THEY HAVE REFINED further before using them on their unprocessed material, you can trust that whatever strain you choose will be a top-notch extract.  The clarity, coloring, and aroma, of their extracts are not the only upsides to this company. I have also noticed that White Label has one of the biggest difference of TOTAL cannabinoids vs. THC, and they list the more minor cannabinoids on their packaging. Generally speaking, the cannabinoid profile that holds through refinement is going to give you an insight into the character of your oil; ‘coloring’ your high. I look forward to treating my palette in the future with more of their oils.

Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 3

Our Agresticans have written some new haikus! Check out other haikus we've written here.


Vietnamese Black grown by Dicot Farms

Build by Dan


Build a shield to last

Arrows and slings will never stop

So keep your guard up



Cookies Kush grown by 45th Parallel Farms


Memento Mori

by Horatio Baker


What doesn’t kill you

Weakens what was left behind

For those yet to come


Shangri-La grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis



Weak Spot by Abbey


A dragon can fall

Lycanthropes don't like silver

You can't stop Abbey




Purple Kush grown by Applegate River Roots


Stockton by Yami


Children of Stockton

Donny and Tim, Nick and Nate

209 Sunshine ☀️



Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 2

Our creative Agresticans have written us some Haikus. Here's a collection of them! Check out other haikus we've written here.


Lemon OG grown by Dicot Farms




Ode to Diego

Fernando and Randy too

Thanks for all the math




Buddha's Hand WPR extract produced by White Label Extracts




Without silver spoon

I shall fashion one from steel

Finding it stronger.






Classic Tincture produced by Sun God Medicinals




THE best CBD

Oh Blue Dragon Desert Frost

By Yerba Buena


Worth every penny

Potent medicine indeed

Let us puff puff peace  


100 Watt Kind NR extract from White Label Extracts

100 Watt Kind NR extract from White Label Extracts



This haiku will do,

Since I forgot to write my

last product review

Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus

Our creative Agresticans have written us some Haikus. Here's a collection of them!


Untitled by Backyard Dreamer

Sunset on the beach.

Hear the waves crash, quick green flash.

A fall barefoot walk.

Super Skunk grown by Green Acers Farm

Super Skunk grown by Green Acers Farm


Haiku for You by J. Salgado

I know why I smoke.

Do you know why you do?

You laugh, but I don't.


Another Haiku by Megz

Oh sweet Cannabis,

You always brighten my day.

Not a cloud in sight.


How to Adult by Yami

Where I Want To Be

In Perpetual Motion

Time Waits For No One


Frank's Gift grown by Green Cross Specialties

Frank's Gift grown by Green Cross Specialties

Haiku by Abbey

A flock of stoners

Hazy eyes and small giggles

Time for some dank fun


Fall By Dan

A choir of leaves

Chords of purple, red, and gold

Movements in breeze time                                                                      

Taking The Hit: White Label Extracts

Today's Taking the Hit is going to be a collection of reviews on extracts from White Label Extracts!

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts


Strawberry Mango Fire by Kibbles and Bits

I'm excited that we've started carrying White Label Extracts again, so I thought I'd review the Strawberry Mango Fire extract. It is a light yellow-amber color, with a pull and snap consistency, and a strong odor of sweet smelling terpenes that leaves a lingering scent after it is dabbed/vaporized. It was quite smooth, as I didn't find it at all harsh on my throat, and tasted nice as well.

This strain felt like a true hybrid. It both provided me with relief from physical pain in my neck and back that I struggle with (much like an Indica does), as well as uplifting me mentally (much like a Sativa does), so that I still had the focus and energy to cook dinner, get my kids ready for bed, clean up, and prepare my son's lunch and backpack for the next day (#mom life). Not only did the Strawberry Mango Fire provide me with a feeling of euphoria and overall wellness, but I also noticed that it seemed to actually enhance my focus, which is extremely helpful to me, as I often lose focus quickly when my brain isn't engaged and I'm doing mundane or repetitive tasks (and I find pretty much every household chore to be so). Overall, I would say that I truly enjoyed this extract and would definitely buy it again.

Purple Punch by Shayne

I turned on my e-nail on a quiet Wednesday evening deciding to treat myself to some Purple Punch dabs. Listening to my favorite playlist getting ready for a Rocket League session I take my first dab. Tastes of grape kool-aid and creamy smoke fill my lungs as a slow ripple of euphoria takes over my body.  After a few warm up matches in Rocket League the slow, creeping effects of Purple Punch really hit me and this stoney, giggly high punches me right in the face.  Did not win many matches that night.  10/10 would recommend.

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Grape Stomper Whole Plant Run extract from White Label Extracts

Chernobyl by Dan

I was so taken aback by the quality of White Label Extracts that I decided to look into them... apparently WLE makes it a point to get their solvent content as far below the legal standard as possible (their ppm on butane is like way lower than most other producers) and base their product around forming long term business with gardens to better adjust their techniques from strain to strain. WLE wants to make the best extracts they can, and working with high quality farms gives them a great base to start from. The flavor of the strain I tried, Chernobyl, was akin to eating a lime candy. The high was so uplifting, I almost thought my brain had mutated and moved on to a higher plane.. oh wait.. it kind of did.

Gas Pump Nug Run Terp Sap by Donny

If you're like me and you enjoy extra super skunky, fuely, terpene-soaked dabs, look no further than the Gas Pump sap from White Label. A low-temp dab of this stuff will leave flavor lingering on your taste buds long after exhale, and what a flavor it is! The name says it all as this one really is reminiscent of an old gas station - not everyone's fave, but certainly a coveted taste for connoisseurs who miss that old-school funkiness. The high too is wonderful, a well-balanced stone that sticks around a good while. Dabs of this oil were only improved by supplementing them with a little CBD isolate. White Label has regained their position at the top of the BHO game in my opinion!!! This one just happens to be a standout; you can't go wrong with their offerings!!