Confessions of a CannaMom

Taking The Hit: 1:1 Fruity Nut Bar Produced by Laurie + Mary Jane

✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

1:1 Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + Mary Jane

I recently had my neck go out and it was very painful to move my head from left to right and back. Between the pain and having to toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable this issue was causing me to have trouble sleeping. After a few sleepless nights I decided to try Laurie + Mary Jane's 1:1 Bar hoping to get the full cannabinoid effect to relieve my extreme pain.

It was super yummy! Like a healthy rice crispy treat! With banana and chocolate! I took half of it about 15 minuets before bed. Finally! Some relief! I slept soundly all night with out waking up once! I also noticed a much less sever pain and more mobility in my neck due to the muscle relaxing effects of the CBD. It was a very welcome first experience with this product.

It does have a slight hint of a "green" taste. But I did not find it to be unpleasant or overpowering. The delicious taste of the bar far outweighs any cannabis flavor. The maker of these delicious bars, Laurie Wolf, is a famous gourmet chef who written 6+ cookbooks, four of which are cannabis cookbooks. Her quality and love for delicious food reflects in this product.  I would definitely be trying these again. I really love having a healthier edible option that still tastes great! This would be a really great bar for someone who tends to get anxious, as the CBD has a very soothing, calming effect.  Or anyone who is just looking for some pain relief! 

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Taking The Hit: Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

I was super excited to Slymer hit our shelf's again.  This strain a Chernobyl Phenotype is notorious for being a highly creative and euphoric.  It had a delicious sweet lemon and earth aroma. And a lemony skunky like taste. Very smooth.  It was the perfect strain to get my creative juices flowing. I felt a full body relaxation and yet super motivated to play music and do some writing.  It was great strain for relaxing after work but still having some energy to cook dinner and get some tasks done.  I love this strain for hiking and riding my bike or just hanging out at home.  Also very good for sexy times, I'm just sayin'. 

Taking The Hit: Essential Sensi grown by Cannassentials

 ✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

Essential Sensi grown by Cannassentials

This Flower.

True love.

I was more than excited to see this clean, beautiful, organic, and ethically grown flower hit our shelf. But the flower itself speaks volumes. This is a clean delicious smoke. Beautiful deep green frosty buds.  Delicious sweet piney aromas. A sweet almost minty smoke, so smooth.


The high was very pleasant. That wonderful uplift from a Sativa, but my body felt light and very relaxed. A very high vibe head buzz. It really got my creative juices going. It was a perfect choice for a night of jamming. Definitely my go to for that extra inspiration needed for my creative projects. Very euphoric and happy high with a great body buzz on the come down. I would definitely recommend this Strain for art, music, social outing, woodland walks, making love or rainy beach adventures.  Meditation. Yard work, house work and dealing with holiday stresses. She will definitely be stuffing my stocking this month.

Taking The Hit: Wood Balm from Physic

Wood Balm from Physic 

 ✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

I have suffered with chronic back pain for years. I fractured two of my lumbar vertebrae when I was younger and am constantly plagued with muscle seizing, tightness, and after strenuous activity or prolonged standing I will have a consistent ache in my whole back. I have had great success using CBD products to help with the pain. But first thing in the morning when I wake up my back would be so seized up I couldn’t even put on socks or pants without pain, and my back would just give out mid-bend. I decided to give the Leif Wood Balm a try. In about 30 minutes I can feel my back soften and the pain would be almost zero. Which is great for me considering I live with constant back pain. So I would put the Wood Balm on before bed to help with my aching back while sleeping and even noticed the morning after I would have no seizing in the morning and full mobility in my spine! After using  this product consistently for almost a year I have not had seizing in my spine at all. And when the pain comes I just put on my Balm and it loosens everything up and dissolves the pain. I love this  product so much. And it smells absolutely amazing!!!  I would definitely recommend trying  this product if you're dealing with muscle and bone pain.

Taking The Hit: Trinidad OG grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

 ✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

 Product: Trinidad OG Flower From Cascade Valley Cannabis

I was looking for nice relaxing Indica flower to use when getting home from work. I tend to only partake of cannabis flower when I get home from work and while I'm running weekday errands. While I love Sativa flower for its productive and buzzy high, using it in the evening can keep me from a getting a good nights sleep. Who wants to be up a three a.m. on a Wednesday planning the next ten years of their life ? Not this mamma!!!

Trinidad OG grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I chose Trinidad OG as my flower of choice this week because of its beautiful flowers, soft earthy skunk, and lemon aromas. Smoking the flower tasted amazing, like lemon and earth, and went down nice and smooth. It instantly gave me that wonderful body buzz that you would get from an Indica. I felt relief from my muscle tension and my mind felt calm and euphoric after about ten minutes in, tapering off into a happy disposition. But, even though it was relaxing, I also had the energy and drive needed to make dinner, get my little one ready for bed, bathed, lunches made and laundry folded. I then fell asleep with ease while feeling well rested and ready to slay the day the next morning.  One particular thing I also really enjoyed about this flower was how it peaked my creativity. Excellent choice for creative projects, general relaxation, evening time, hiking in the woods and singing in the shower. It also gave me quite a mood uplift.