Announcement: Winberry, Orchid, and Quill Price Drop

Good news everyone! The Agrestics are lowering our prices on all Winberry Farms and Orchid Essential cartridges. The new prices are as follows:

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials


  • 1/2g Cartridge: M$33.33 / R$40

  • 1g Cartridge: M$50 / R$60


  • 1/2g Cartridge - M$32.50 / R$39 

  • 1/2g Kit - M$40 / R$48 

  • 1g Cartridge - M$54.17 / R$65

  •  1g Kit - M$60.83 / R$73


  • 3/4g Disposable Vape Pen: M$35 / R$42

The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set!

The Agrestic Cannamas Gift Set

Cannamas came early! Still need a present for that special someone? Or maybe you deserve a gift all to yourself? Whoever it's for, we've done all the hard work for you!

Childproofed and pre-wrapped, these cannagifts contain a wide variety of products hailing from nearly every section of our store. In each package you'll find a liquid edible Enjoy shot, a gram of our very own Renegade Roots flower in a glass stash jar, a 1/2g Solsgreen Asteroid pre-roll (these pre-rolls contain a potent mix of flower, kief, and oil), a 1/4 gram disposable vaporizer cartridge from Green Dragon Extracts, and either a trial sized .5mL vial of Empower Bodycare's famous Topical Relief Oil OR a rejuvenating lip balm from Medicine Farm Botanical.

The products in each package are sorted into Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica Hybrid, and Indica collections. Making it easy to pick a set that's tailored to your giftee.

On sale for M $41.67 / R $50, our Cannamas Gift Sets are only here as long as supplies last, so come on down to either of our locations to claim yours!

Meet the Grower with Cascade Valley Cannabis!

Golden Lemons from Cascade Valley Cannabis

The Agrestic is teaming up with one of our favorite local farms Cascade Valley Cannabis! 

Cascade Valley Cannabis is a local Corvallis farm run by the mother and son duo: Theresa and Logan, who are just about the nicest people I have ever met. They are most notable in our shop for their variety packs of pre-rolls and their stellar citrus scented flower Sour Tangie. 

Holiday variety pack from Cascade Valley Cannabis

Cascade Valley Cannabis will be coming to The Agrestic South today,  Saturday, December 9th from 1 to 6 PM to set up a table and chat with customers about their products. 

There will be a full line up of Cascade Valley Cannabis's flower on sale for only R$8.40 / M$7. Cascade Valley will also be bringing a wide variety of pre-roll options for sale. There will be petite packs, half-grams, and seven pack sets! We will also be carrying an exclusive limited time holiday gift set that has a whopping 15 different petite strains included! A perfect gift for the experienced cannabis connoisseur. 

Trinidad OG from Cascade Valley Cannabis