My Emergency Wakeup Alarm by Alex

Lebron James

Lebron James

Waking up is a struggle.

Luckily I have a back up alarm. My phone alarm goes off every morning and I don’t always wake up from it. 

Without fail, my kitten curls up on my chest and begins to purr.

If that doesn't wake me up, he will give me little smooches and place a paw on my face until I wake up for work. 

However, if I do wake up from my phone alarm, the kitten snuggles make me fall back asleep.

So my emergency alarm sometimes backfires, but it's okay, he is cute anyways.

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Taking The Hit: Strawnanna Terp Batter from LTRMN Squeeze

Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

This extract was so delicious I thought it was infused with food grade terpenes! It such an intense fresh smoothie scent, you’d think you just walked into your local Jumba Juice after a blender was used with no lid! As far as the effects go, it was pretty euphoric, relaxing and if you were already tired, you just might be able to go to sleep.  Goodness it was tasty.

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Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

Taking The Hit: Blue Dragon Desert Frost Extract Produced by Dab Society

Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society from flower by Yerba Buena

Until trying Blue Dragon Desert Frost I have never had a high CBD strain work for pain, and give me a non psycho active euphoric energy boost. This is a great choice for pain relief in the day time when you want to be functional and you don't really want the high. Dab Society knows how to extract and Yerba Buena know how to grow some amazing cannabis. Blue Dragon Desert Frost is a high CBD Sativa strain with a nice floral scent, it tests at 69% CBD and 3.2% THC . 

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Taking The Hit Double Feature: OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

We doing a double feature of reviews today for OG Kush flower grown by Rebel Spirit!

OG Kush by Kacey

I have had my eye on this flower since it hit the menu. I've been on the lookout for good deals and Rebel Spirit always comes through. This OG Kush sold me with its dense, frosty nugs and pungent aroma. I was excited to try such a classic strain and I really loved it. The high induces a warm bliss which fades into relaxation. It's a very chill experience. I even considered buying an ounce just to stock up on a good thing.

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

OG Kush by Alex

It all started when I got a sample from Rebel Spirit, that sample was OG Kush.

I have never really been an Indica guy, but as soon as I opened the package, I knew I was going to enjoy this smoke. OG Kush just bursts with notes of humulene terpenes and undertones of caryophyllene and some lemonene. It also tests at 18% THC so I was really excited to go home and try it. The effects were really stoney, I only got two hits in before I got so lost in my thoughts for a good hour that I forgot I was smoking a bowl. After I finished off the rest of my bowl I relaxed and laughed myself to sleep.

OG Kush grown by Rebel Spirit

Taking The Hit: Love Life Haze from Love Life Farms

Love Life Farms knows how to grow good cannabis!

Love Life Haze from Love Life Farms

Their Phenotype of Amnesia Haze has big, beautiful flowers. With orange hairs and amber trichomes covering dozens of fluffy, olive green calyxes, all packed densely together in a classic sativa bud. It looks almost as if the plant was sprinkled with gold dust when the light hits it.

It has an intense sweet, citrus smell with a very subtle earthy after tone and it tastes just like it smells!The effects were a fairly energetic head high that was very spacey! It is a nice way to forget those tasks that you were trying to get done!

Taking The Hit: A Review of Working at The Agrestic

North at Night

North at Night

Since this is our first round of reviews, I figured I would do mine on The Agrestic as an employee. Coming from a work environment that was less than ideal, getting to work at The Agrestic has been one the most wonderful experiences of my life. I seem to learn something new here every day, both cannabis related and not.

All of my coworkers help each other out, and build each other up, just like any family would! The management and owners ensure that we have every opportunity to grow in the company and expand our knowledge. Not to mention all of the regulars, and the interesting visitors from out of state or from other countries. This wonderful place has introduced me to countless amazing people.

I have really grown to love and appreciate my Agrestic family!! I can’t imagine working anywhere else.