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My Emergency Wakeup Alarm by Alex

Lebron James

Lebron James

Waking up is a struggle.

Luckily I have a back up alarm. My phone alarm goes off every morning and I don’t always wake up from it. 

Without fail, my kitten curls up on my chest and begins to purr.

If that doesn't wake me up, he will give me little smooches and place a paw on my face until I wake up for work. 

However, if I do wake up from my phone alarm, the kitten snuggles make me fall back asleep.

So my emergency alarm sometimes backfires, but it's okay, he is cute anyways.

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Taking The Hit: Babbling Brook

Fruit Bomb crumble extract produced by Apollo Grown

I hope my partner and I live near one of those stupid babbling brooks. 
Yeah, I just wanted to use 'babbling brook' even though it's corny and cliche - sue me.
Although we were watching, 'Nature's Fury', on Netflix the other evening. 
And I'm just laying there on our mattress on the wood floor.

I love wood floors, but I miss having carpet - it's better for crunches if you're a gym nut-almond by the way (I prefer to at least be a certain kind of nut).



But I'm stoned just watching this flash flood devour houses; like I would with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Caesars.
So, maybe a babbling brook ain't so sweet ya'll.

Anyways, I digress so I can continue to manifest-

1:1 Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

Vanilla Mint Gems produced by Drip Sweets

I hope we live in a cozy cabin that's just like a hobbit hole from Tolkien's vision.
Maybe an iron spiral staircase and bookshelves galore.
Shelves filled with books, Legos, and art supplies by the way.

Ever seen 'Beauty and the Beast'? That's okay if not, cause' here's what I'm picturing.

Ya dig?

Wishin' your dreams come true too by the way. We're all in this together :)