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Taking The Hit: Banner #5 and 9lb Hammer x Cinex Extracts from Beehive Extracts

I got to try a couple strains from Beehive recently and I wanted to review and compare them. I had the Banner #5 and the 9lb Hammer x Cinex.

Banner #5 produced by Beehive Extracts

Banner #5

They said this one was a shatter but it definitely wasn't. Right when I opened the package I could tell it was starting to bond with the paper, so I bought a little silicone dab slick for it. Once I finally got it all in the container it had a whipped consistency, and it dried up a lot over the next week. The flavor was not unpleasant, but not enjoyable either. It had notes of pine and diesel but it wasn't overly strong so it was hard to distinguish. The high was heady and cloudy, good for just getting the job done when you want to get high, or forgetting what you walked in the room for every. single. time.

9lb Hammer x Cinex

I was indeed very satisfied with this one. They also said this was a shatter but it's more like a pull & snap. But it was much easier to get off the paper so I didn't hold it against them this time. The flavor was awesome, it had the classic 9lb Hammer flavor: fruity and sweet with some citrus, and the Cinex seemed to add a floral component. The high was mostly in the body, gentle and calm, great for a movie night and snuggling up on the couch.

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Taking The Hit: Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

This is such a great strain, and the best I’ve seen from Renegade so far. It has a great lemony flavor profile and hits hard at 22% for less than $10 a gram. I recommend this to most customers looking for a value or just a good indica hybrid. I can speak to the indica lean too, its very relaxing and my boyfriend actually doesn’t like it for that reason. I love indicas though, so... sucks for him I guess. It’s a great buy and I would definitely get it again.

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Taking The Hit: SOG Valley Rose grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose flower grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose 🌹

In my experience, this flower delivers similar aromas and effects to Chernobyl strains. It gives a strong awakening scent that holds bright lemon diesel notes. The effects are energizing and mood boosting. However, I would caution or pair with CBD for those who are sensitive to anxiety/paranoia. 

The flower’s appearance is also gorgeous too! One could say that its beauty is compareable to a rose. But, I’d rather have/look at a big bush of these flowers then some roses :) 

Treat yourself or perhaps your partner to this alternative rose bouquet 

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Taking The Hit: Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

The Mimosa flower grown by Higher Minds Horticulture is one of the tastiest flowers I have ever tried! I recommend this strain to everyone because I was SO impressed and pleased with my smoking experience. I would highly recommend this flower to those who are looking for a tasty smoking experience.The flower tastes and smells like a fresh mimosa due to its strong champagne and citrus notes.

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture


This flower deserves its own show case too, because it looks like a work of art. These buds rock purple hues with bright orange hairs. This is a top-shelf flower that provides a tasty, smooth, and upbeat experience. This hybrid strain’s high is like enjoying a cool mimosa by the pool because it’s relaxing in the body, while also delivering a bubbly head high. 

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Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 5

Remission 1/2g cartridge produced by EVOLVD

A double feature of haikus today! Both of the poems featured today were authored by Horatio Baker. If you want to read previous Agrestican Haikus that we've written click here. 



Grown weeds in the field

are an affront, it is said;

yet here are flowers.



Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread produced by Lux

Diving Deep

When I breath in fire,

It's a cool euphemism

for doing the weeds.


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Taking The Hit: Babbling Brook

Fruit Bomb crumble extract produced by Apollo Grown

I hope my partner and I live near one of those stupid babbling brooks. 
Yeah, I just wanted to use 'babbling brook' even though it's corny and cliche - sue me.
Although we were watching, 'Nature's Fury', on Netflix the other evening. 
And I'm just laying there on our mattress on the wood floor.

I love wood floors, but I miss having carpet - it's better for crunches if you're a gym nut-almond by the way (I prefer to at least be a certain kind of nut).



But I'm stoned just watching this flash flood devour houses; like I would with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Little Caesars.
So, maybe a babbling brook ain't so sweet ya'll.

Anyways, I digress so I can continue to manifest-

1:1 Cannabis Shot produced by Enjoy

Vanilla Mint Gems produced by Drip Sweets

I hope we live in a cozy cabin that's just like a hobbit hole from Tolkien's vision.
Maybe an iron spiral staircase and bookshelves galore.
Shelves filled with books, Legos, and art supplies by the way.

Ever seen 'Beauty and the Beast'? That's okay if not, cause' here's what I'm picturing.

Ya dig?

Wishin' your dreams come true too by the way. We're all in this together :)

Taking The Hit: Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

Sativa Fruity Nut Bar produced by Laurie + MaryJane

I tried the Sativa Fruity Nut bar from Laurie + MaryJane just last night. The Fruity Nut Bar has a really nice crisped rice texture to the bar and tasted much like a rice-based power bar with lovely hints of fruity dried apricot and chocolate. There was a definitely a plant-like cannabis flavor when you bite into the bar but that flavor didn't stick around to the aftertaste. I think it's great that these edibles are strain specific, and they come packaged with a nice cardboard insert inside that had a guide for how to cut the bar into 5mg doses. The high for this edible was very energetic and functional.  I could definitely tell that it was a more sativa edible experience, and I would definitely try this edible again.

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Taking The Hit: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Platinum Huckleberry Cookies grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Higher Minds, you did it again. A smooth and tasty smoke. A gentle drop into a sea of clouds. Every time this comes onto the menu I buy it up frantically. This particular batch had a great terpene profile, very pronounced vanilla, herbal, and almost nutty flavor. I had a very relaxed smoking experience and a pretty clear head. Definitely recommended for gaming.  

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Taking The Hit: CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

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The Ginger CBD Moxie mints were a perfect option for me to take through out the day to help me de-stress and relax. I took two of the mints the first thing in the morning and then three later in the afternoon. I found that by holding them in my mouth I was able to start to feel the effects of the CBD within 30 minutes or so, when I typically feel edibles at around the 45 minutes to 1 hour mark.

I really liked that they had a nice gingery taste that was not too overpowering like a breath mint can be.  I would recommend these to anyone looking for a discrete and simple way to ingest CBD. 

CBD Ginger Mints produced by Mr. Moxey's Mints

Taking The Hit: Jack Herer Distillate Cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

Jack Herer distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

Jack Herer distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

Because I had previously tried Orchid Essentials in a different strain/flavoring of cartridge I knew partially what I was getting myself into. This strain however, was very subtle in both its scent as well as it’s flavor... being a Jack Herer imitation I have to say I LOVED this cartridge just as much as I do the strain itself! With a very mild Lime flavoring and an extremely energetic cerebral high I used this strain most during the early day to wake and bake. Due to having some intense gastric distress issues, I find myself mostly enjoying strains that allow me to medicate early in the day while providing a massive dose of pain relief so that I can continue my day feeling wonderful and this did exactly that. 

One of the best things about Orchid Essentials is that they use 100% organic materials in their distillate, including the cannabis derived terpene used to thin their final solution. I would 100% recommend ANY of Orchid’s Cartridge types!!!


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Taking The Hit: Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

Slymer grown by Renegade Roots

I was super excited to Slymer hit our shelf's again.  This strain a Chernobyl Phenotype is notorious for being a highly creative and euphoric.  It had a delicious sweet lemon and earth aroma. And a lemony skunky like taste. Very smooth.  It was the perfect strain to get my creative juices flowing. I felt a full body relaxation and yet super motivated to play music and do some writing.  It was great strain for relaxing after work but still having some energy to cook dinner and get some tasks done.  I love this strain for hiking and riding my bike or just hanging out at home.  Also very good for sexy times, I'm just sayin'. 

Taking The Hit: Gastrointestinal Distress and Terpenes

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

Just under five years ago I decided to acquire my OMMP Card for Chronic Nausea and for the six years prior to my decision I faced constant pain, massive discomfort, nausea, and vomiting with almost every meal I had. My doctor at the time was not quite sure how to help me or and wasn't even sure what the issue could be, so I saw a Gastroenterologist a few times and was given a countless variety of both over-the-counter and prescription medications to help ease some of the issue's, but to no avail did any of them actually work.

After I got my OMMP card and I started using cannabis to combat my issues I found massive relief... but only from certain strains. My new doctor had me do a blood draw and graciously sent me back to see a Gastroenterologists to have an endoscopy done; there I learned not only did I have Hypothyroidism, but Fructose Malabsorption as well.

Lavender Trinity 1/2g cartridge from EVO


  1. Hypothyroidism - A condition in which the thyroid of a person is under-active, causing hormone imbalances, weight changes, and fatigue..

  2. Fructose Malabsorption - A condition in which the small intestines lacks the necessary Fructose carrier cells to properly transfer natural fructose sugars through the body, causing nausea/vomiting, severe abdominal pain, bloating, and in some cases diarrhea..





Some of the strains I've found particularly beneficial have been Jack Herer, J1, Juicy Fruit,Tangie, as well as Super Lemon Haze, Skunk, and Amnesia Haze to name a few. Something especially interesting I found, was within these strains are small commonalities, such as certain terpenes or cannabinoids present that are slightly geared more towards symptoms associated with gastric distress and many of these strains have a tendency to lean more towards the Sativa side of things.

Ra Hemp Capsules produced by Sun God Medicinals

As I looked deeper and deeper into the strains that have provided me with so much relief over the past few years I found the same terpene and cannabinoid names coming up over and over, and so the deeper my search went.. finally coming across these specific terpenes A-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, and sometimes even Humulene.





1. *A-Pinene - Found in pine needles, accounts for the pine-like aroma. Known for its anti-Inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, is a bronchodilator,  and aids in memory retention.

2. ***B-Caryophyllene - Found in black peppercorns, cloves, basil, etc... accounts for the spicy floral notes. Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as its ability to protect the cells lining the digestive tract.

Vietnamese Black grown by Dicot Farms

3. ***Limonene - Found in many Citrus fruit and accounts for the sweet, tangy, citrusy aroma. Know for its anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties, as well as the ability to temporarily stave of the effects of gastric reflux by disrupting the serotonergic receptors associated with excitatory inflammation and stress transmission.

4. **Linalool - Found in lavender and Coriander, accounts for the sweet floral yet earthy notes. Known for its anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety properties, as well as its analgesic and anesthetic effects.

5. **Myrcene - Found in mangos, sweet basil, and hops, accounts for the musky earthy or funky tangy aromas. Known for its muscular relaxant and sedative properties, it has even been found to go as far as alleviating muscle spasms.

6.*Humulene - Found primarily in hops and accounts for that woodsy floral bite and spicy aroma. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as its ability to mimic the cannabinoid THC-V which suppresses appetite.

Pennywise grown by Dicot Farms

Gastrointestinal Disorders affect millions of people daily and can cause severely debilitating symptoms if left untreated or unattended to. Now research has become slightly more available and highly suggests that Cannabis is an effective treatment for many GI related issues because of how it interacts with a persons endogenous cannabinoid receptors found within the digestive tract. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, Gastric Reflux, and Digestive Disorders are all ailments Cannabis has been found to alleviate.


So if you are someone fighting a battle with stomach issues, I highly recommend taking a look at this article as well; it has a more in-depth look into how Cannabis interacts with a person's endocannabinoid receptors.


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Taking The Hit: Sour Banana Sherbet Petites Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I'm a pretty big fan of Cascade Valley Cannabis’ cannabis. It tends to always smell fresh and aromatic, and has the looks to match. At the recommendation of our lovely budtender Diana (and since we were out of my staple Sour Tangie), I tried the Sour Banana Sherbet pre-roll pack. I was definitely not let down by the experience! I found the Sour Banana Sherbet to be a delicious Hybrid blend, both uplifting and relaxing at once. It was well suited for both morning and evening use, and while it provided a nice calming effect, I never felt too tired to take care of all of life's little chores that tend to pop up.

Sour Banana Sherbet Petites grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I liked them so much that I actually came back to buy another pack this weekend, but found that they had just sold out!! Luckily, The Agrestic was carrying the very same Sour Banana Sherbet. in loose flower, so I bought some of that instead and left happy to have found another wonderful strain by Cascade Valley.

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Taking The Hit: Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society

These Dabs were a little more on the spendy side, but I have very fond memories of the flower from when we had it on our shelves. This might be my new favorite concentrate. It gives a euphoric feeling without actually being stoned. I have been using it after long days of teaching classes and it has helped take away the post workout soreness. It has a very smooth, sweet flavor that is hard to specifically describe. Sure it's expensive, but it's also amazing. 

Blue Dragon Desert Frost extract produced by Dab Society from flower grown by Yerba Beuna. 

Diana also loves Blue Dragon Desert Frost, you can read her two part haiku about the flower here.

Taking The Hit: A Timely Perspective

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

When I was a kid my primary school took a field trip to the Boise Art Museum. I saw an art piece that has somehow stuck with me this long. The exhibit was about mechanical art in all its forms. This piece was a roller chain all jumbled onto itself, sitting vertically on a table. One end was feeding down into the table through an oil reservoir, and the other end feeding back out and coiling itself on the chain jumble. The new chain took up oil and it cascaded down onto the bundle and back into the reservoir. The chain snaked and meandered into different orientations, shimmering and serene. Our chaperone said it was special because the chain would only be in the same orientation once every 256 thousand years. It seemed like an eternity to me then.


Golden Lemons grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I didn't understand its significance at the time, but now I think I do. Our existence is like that chain. We will never experience the same reality twice. The cosmos will never be in the same orientation twice. Even the most repetitive task will be marked by a different frame of time. Each moment is completely unique, beautiful, and new, and in this way life is a work of art; one observed by the collective soul waiting in the ether. When you laugh, cry, dance, make love, cook a meal, or try something new, your actions shape reality into a wonderful new form. So live fully and live long, because you will never have this moment again.

Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie Petites Pre-rolls Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Sour Tangie Variety Petites Pack grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis 

I am a huge fan of Sativa strains and Sour Tangie is one of my absolute favorite strains. Cascade Valley Cannabis has been growing this strain for at least the past two seasons, and it's an attention grabber. This strain consistently tests in the high teens or early twenties for THC percentage. It's got an incredibly sweet citrus scent, when I think of Tangie, this is the scent I imagine. This latest batch of Sour Tangie has a nice floral undertone to it to go with the citrus. This strain gives me a nice boost of energy when I smoke it, and I really enjoy how spacey the head effects can become, and like all of my favorite strains this one has a great body buzz to it.

Sour Tangie 1/2g pre-roll grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Cascade Valley Cannabis is the first company that I've seen that makes these perfect for one or two people petite sized pre-rolls. Each petite pre-roll is a 1/4g of cannabis, and a petite pack comes with four of these 1/4g pre-rolls. When I'm smoking a pre-roll alone or with another person I often can't smoke an entire half gram or whole gram of flower in one session.  But finishing off an already smoked joint later is not a pleasant experience, as the remaining flower is tastes like stale smoke. The only way I've gotten a good second round out of a pre-roll is emptying out any slightly charred flower before it's put away, but then I feel like I'm wasting bud. A petite pre-roll is a great compromise, and as a bonus, I can have a pack of j's on me for any occasion. 

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Taking The Hit: Strawberry Lemonade cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

Strawberry Lemonade 1/2g distillate cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

My reward for sore arms and a new marquee message was a nifty Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge and battery from Winberry Farms. I've always liked Winberry but I never had their distillate cartridges before. When I saw the name "Strawberry Lemonade" I thought the flavor would be mostly lemonade with a hint of strawberry since that citrus taste is stronger and more common in flower. I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first drag and it was like taking a sip of fresh, homemade STRAWBERRY lemonade.


Strawberry Lemonade 1/2g distillate cartridge produced by Winberry Farms


I could start feeling the effects after the first couple drags, but it tasted so good it was hard to keep myself from smoking it all in one sitting. It wasn't too hard though because it has fairly good airflow and packs quite the punch. It's labeled as an Indica hybrid but for me there was very little head high. Shortly after I indulged my taste buds the muscles in my neck and shoulders began to relax, almost to the point of sedation. This sensation slowly took over my entire body and created a seamless transition from being awake to the land of dreams.

Taking The Hit: Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

 ✨Confessions Of A CannaMom✨

Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

The beautiful fragrant flower Super Silver Blue Magoo is a wonderful sativa choice. Beautiful dense crystal coated buds. Sweet juicy floral and fruit aromas. I find this flower to be a nice blend of heady and euphoric.  Great choice for getting things done or just hanging out around the house. A wonderful social smoke as well. You get that nice energetic high with a wonderful body buzz. It’s a smooth  smoke and absolutely delicious.