Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 3

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Vietnamese Black grown by Dicot Farms

Build by Dan


Build a shield to last

Arrows and slings will never stop

So keep your guard up



Cookies Kush grown by 45th Parallel Farms


Memento Mori

by Horatio Baker


What doesn’t kill you

Weakens what was left behind

For those yet to come


Shangri-La grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis



Weak Spot by Abbey


A dragon can fall

Lycanthropes don't like silver

You can't stop Abbey




Purple Kush grown by Applegate River Roots


Stockton by Yami


Children of Stockton

Donny and Tim, Nick and Nate

209 Sunshine ☀️



Taking The Hit: Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

I was really excited to finally see some Higher Minds flower back on our shelves, and even happier when I got a nice little sample of their Super Silver Blue Magoo! I packed some of this into my bowl before sitting down to watch Planet Earth 2.

Initially I was really disappointed with the taste, as Super Silver Haze has one of my favorite terpene profiles, and this flower was pretty 'meh' tasting. (One thing I had noticed though was that when I got up for some water and came back to my room, it smelt absolutely wonderful in there.) After just a few hits I could feel myself actually waking up which almost never happens for me, even when smoking super strong Sativa's. The high started with an extremely uplifting head high and I felt really focused on the show and what was happening, while still being pretty spacey at the same time in that every once in a while I'd go on a sort of though-tangent about some random animal's predicament only to realize it was on the next scene already. As I kept smoking I started to feel more of the giggly and relaxing effects of Blue Magoo and ended up falling asleep not long after. It really for me felt like a nice hybrid which is about what I expected from this cross. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking to just sit back and chill with some friends, watch TV, or play games.

Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 2

Our creative Agresticans have written us some Haikus. Here's a collection of them! Check out other haikus we've written here.


Lemon OG grown by Dicot Farms




Ode to Diego

Fernando and Randy too

Thanks for all the math




Buddha's Hand WPR extract produced by White Label Extracts




Without silver spoon

I shall fashion one from steel

Finding it stronger.






Classic Tincture produced by Sun God Medicinals




THE best CBD

Oh Blue Dragon Desert Frost

By Yerba Buena


Worth every penny

Potent medicine indeed

Let us puff puff peace  


100 Watt Kind NR extract from White Label Extracts

100 Watt Kind NR extract from White Label Extracts



This haiku will do,

Since I forgot to write my

last product review

Taking The Hit: Tangieland from Cascade Valley Cannabis

Tangieland grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

While my brother was in town visiting we decided to stock up for our camping trip in the great Oregon outdoors with some Tangieland by Cascade Valley Cannabis! We rolled up and smoked a joint right before going on a hike and it probably come out to be between a half gram - one gram. Not long after we started walking we found ourselves having a very impromptu, low-talent parkour-off on a log. Once we ran out of moves to show off we kept moseying and really just enjoyed laughing and stopping to look at random bits of nature.

This strain is definitely really fun and creative. We both felt a much stronger cerebral high compared to body. I've always found Cannaland to be really creative and once you add the Tangie in, it gives the high a really nice lift to keep you energized. I tend to get really sleepy coming down off of certain strains and I didn't feel hazy or sleepy after effects from Tangieland at all. Would totally recommend to anyone looking to have a good, fun, daytime smoke!

Taking The Hit: Venice OG Sugar Wax extract from Cultivated Industries

Venice OG Sugar Wax from Cultivated Industries

Venice OG Sugar Wax from Cultivated Industries

First impressions of this product was the packaging - Cultivated stepped their game up. They are now using a better quality paper to put their dabs in which dramatically reduces the amount of terpenes that soak into the paper. Plus they put them in a little resealable ziplock-type bag which helps to store them!

The dabs themselves were super terpy smelling/tasting and definitely had a nice sugar wax consistency. I found this strain to be very enjoyable and functional. Definitely a strong cerebral sativa, but not in the paranoid sense. Personally, I found a normal size dab to hit nice and hard with an initial rush of spaciness, then left me feeling a light manageable high for the next hour or so.

Overall I am really satisfied to see Cultivated back on our shelves with some new packaging and great prices to match.

Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus

Our creative Agresticans have written us some Haikus. Here's a collection of them!


Untitled by Backyard Dreamer

Sunset on the beach.

Hear the waves crash, quick green flash.

A fall barefoot walk.

Super Skunk grown by Green Acers Farm

Super Skunk grown by Green Acers Farm


Haiku for You by J. Salgado

I know why I smoke.

Do you know why you do?

You laugh, but I don't.


Another Haiku by Megz

Oh sweet Cannabis,

You always brighten my day.

Not a cloud in sight.


How to Adult by Yami

Where I Want To Be

In Perpetual Motion

Time Waits For No One


Frank's Gift grown by Green Cross Specialties

Frank's Gift grown by Green Cross Specialties

Haiku by Abbey

A flock of stoners

Hazy eyes and small giggles

Time for some dank fun


Fall By Dan

A choir of leaves

Chords of purple, red, and gold

Movements in breeze time                                                                      

Taking The Hit: CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brothers Apothecary

CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brother's Apothecary

CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brother's Apothecary

As many of my co-workers know, I was in a bike crash which caused me to have cracked teeth, which then needed a root canal to be fixed (procedure was for the front, left tooth). I picked up two honey sticks before the procedure to help with any pain I may be experiencing afterwards. I got home from the dentist and was already starting to feel immense pain, before the Novocain even wore off, so I popped back both honey sticks on their own and wished for the best. (For dosing two honey sticks = 12 mg CBD, and slightly over 1mg THC.)

My wishes came true!!

The pain I had begun to experience was a severe throbbing headache, and a throbbing/ pressure feeling in my tooth which shot up to my nostrils. Within 30-45 minutes the pain had worn down to nothing, even though the Novocain was wearing off. No headache... and although I still couldn't bite with the tooth, all of the throbbing and discomfort had gone away entirely. I wasn't high at all, and even someone with a low tolerance should be in the clear with only 1mg of THC. With two sticks I do feel a general relaxation over my whole body, but not enough to make me tired/ groggy which higher doses of CBD can often do.

I had also used the honey sticks to help with discomfort immediately after the accident and they have really helped with the whole situation. It takes the pain from being a constant level of discomfort to feeling mostly normal again. While these sticks are a single, somewhat low-dose serving, they are a great natural alternative to OTC drugs like Advil or Tylenol. The honey is also locally sourced in Oregon so I could see them being great for allergies as well. If you have any discomfort or pain that isn't completely debilitating, but still constantly a bother in the back of your mind, these are a great option for quick, cheap and natural relief.