Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie Petites Pre-rolls Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Sour Tangie Variety Petites Pack grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis 

I am a huge fan of Sativa strains and Sour Tangie is one of my absolute favorite strains. Cascade Valley Cannabis has been growing this strain for at least the past two seasons, and it's an attention grabber. This strain consistently tests in the high teens or early twenties for THC percentage. It's got an incredibly sweet citrus scent, when I think of Tangie, this is the scent I imagine. This latest batch of Sour Tangie has a nice floral undertone to it to go with the citrus. This strain gives me a nice boost of energy when I smoke it, and I really enjoy how spacey the head effects can become, and like all of my favorite strains this one has a great body buzz to it.

Sour Tangie 1/2g pre-roll grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Cascade Valley Cannabis is the first company that I've seen that makes these perfect for one or two people petite sized pre-rolls. Each petite pre-roll is a 1/4g of cannabis, and a petite pack comes with four of these 1/4g pre-rolls. When I'm smoking a pre-roll alone or with another person I often can't smoke an entire half gram or whole gram of flower in one session.  But finishing off an already smoked joint later is not a pleasant experience, as the remaining flower is tastes like stale smoke. The only way I've gotten a good second round out of a pre-roll is emptying out any slightly charred flower before it's put away, but then I feel like I'm wasting bud. A petite pre-roll is a great compromise, and as a bonus, I can have a pack of j's on me for any occasion. 

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