Taking The Hit: Sour Banana Sherbet Petites Grown and Produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I'm a pretty big fan of Cascade Valley Cannabis’ cannabis. It tends to always smell fresh and aromatic, and has the looks to match. At the recommendation of our lovely budtender Diana (and since we were out of my staple Sour Tangie), I tried the Sour Banana Sherbet pre-roll pack. I was definitely not let down by the experience! I found the Sour Banana Sherbet to be a delicious Hybrid blend, both uplifting and relaxing at once. It was well suited for both morning and evening use, and while it provided a nice calming effect, I never felt too tired to take care of all of life's little chores that tend to pop up.

Sour Banana Sherbet Petites grown and produced by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I liked them so much that I actually came back to buy another pack this weekend, but found that they had just sold out!! Luckily, The Agrestic was carrying the very same Sour Banana Sherbet. in loose flower, so I bought some of that instead and left happy to have found another wonderful strain by Cascade Valley.

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