Meet the Grower with Cascade Valley Cannabis!

Golden Lemons from Cascade Valley Cannabis

The Agrestic is teaming up with one of our favorite local farms Cascade Valley Cannabis! 

Cascade Valley Cannabis is a local Corvallis farm run by the mother and son duo: Theresa and Logan, who are just about the nicest people I have ever met. They are most notable in our shop for their variety packs of pre-rolls and their stellar citrus scented flower Sour Tangie. 

Holiday variety pack from Cascade Valley Cannabis

Cascade Valley Cannabis will be coming to The Agrestic South today,  Saturday, December 9th from 1 to 6 PM to set up a table and chat with customers about their products. 

There will be a full line up of Cascade Valley Cannabis's flower on sale for only R$8.40 / M$7. Cascade Valley will also be bringing a wide variety of pre-roll options for sale. There will be petite packs, half-grams, and seven pack sets! We will also be carrying an exclusive limited time holiday gift set that has a whopping 15 different petite strains included! A perfect gift for the experienced cannabis connoisseur. 

Trinidad OG from Cascade Valley Cannabis