Taking The Hit: Kings Pure Kush grown by Kings Cannabis

Kings Pure Kush flower grown by Kings Cannabis

I recently tried the flower Kings Pure Kush by Kings Cannabis. I tend to have a preference for Indicas and this one came highly recommended by the growers who said it was a heavy hitter that had a tendency to bury it's users in the couch. The flower is light green with hues of dark green and the calyxes give rise to dark burgundy almost brown colored  stigmas. On inhale your nose is filled with woody, berry, and floral notes that almost immediately melt into a skunky, sweet musk exhale. The flavor is unique in that the sweetness the smoke produces seems to linger on your lips tasting of berries and floral notes. The effect for me is extremely enjoyable, Its subduing and relaxing without being exhausting. It allowed for me to function in a state of relaxation without feeling like I was on the brink of nodding off. Great strain to listen to music with or enjoy a board games with some friends. 

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