Taking The Hit: Dutch Treat Distillate Cartridge Produced by Orchid Essentials

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

The Dutch Treat Cartridge from Orchid is one of the best quality cartridges I've ever had. The sturdy construction of the capsule itself and the powerful delivery method are worth the difference in price compared to their competition. So many brands fail to have their product thoroughly enjoyed simply because of the physical integrity of their cartridges. A product that is almost as delicate as a glass rig for the home, fails to meet the criteria for "convenient"- at least in the contexts of travel and portability. The flavor is a strong lemon-herb but is not acrid or overwhelming on the palette. It's effects were mellow head high onset and plateaus into an extremely euphoric and jolly stasis. If you are a light cartridge user I could not recommend Orchid more.

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