Taking The Hit: Cherry Vanilla Cookies grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Cherry Vanilla Cookies grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Higher Minds Horticulture is a small batch indoor farm based in Eugene, and they make some of my absolute favorite flower. Their new Cherry Vanilla Cookies has a scent almost like a dragon fruit, sweet with light fruity and floral undertones. There is such a thick layer of trichomes on the outside that the color of the flower has turned pastel. Underneath the layer of trichomes you can see hints of dark green bud and orange hairs. When the flower is ground surprising purple tones and a spectrum of green tones are revealed. The structure of the bud is also very dense and well trimmed.

The sweet scent of the flower comes through in the flavor of the smoke. The first time I tried this strain out I was drinking a cola and combined with the smoke from this strain it almost tasted like I was drinking a cherry cola! For me the effects of the strain feel really relaxing, but not sedative, with a strong body buzz. It was a fairly functional strain, I felt like if I wasn't focusing on something I would start to space out, but it wasn't overall difficult to focus. I decided to do some morning stretches to help wake up after smoking this strain and I now understand what it feels like to be an indulgent cat in the sun. This 50/50 hybrid is a great anytime strain, with both relaxing and alert aspects. 10/10, I bought this strain again.

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