Taking The Hit: Blue Dream Blunts produced by Toking Blunts

Blue Dream, two pack of 2.5g hemp blunts from Toking Blunts

Toking Blunts are a treat to be shared and enjoyed together.  They appear to be cigars, with their large size (2.5g each), dark brown rolling paper, and fancy emblem wrapped around the crutch side.  Despite a price that comes out around $6.25 per gram, the flower had all the rich sweetness I expect from Blue Dream - I was surprised to get such a nice flavor from a preroll - an experience my smoking buddy echoed.  There was a sweetness to the paper as well - a sugary taste as if the paper had been coated in simple syrup.  It was a strange, but ultimately pleasant addition.

After enjoying a little under a quarter of the joint between the two of us, we set off on a walk around town.  The high was a jaunty element to our walk, but the effects were mainly cerebral and heady.  We giggled as we explored anew the town we'd lived in for years.  Around midnight, about 30-45 minutes after smoking, a deluge of munchies hit like the smell of bacon on a Saturday morning.

With few options at such a late hour, we made our way to good ol' Micky D's where we found the lobby closed.  So we made the only reasonable choice - we stood in line at the Drive-Thru (a busy drive-thru, with cars in front and behind).  After being refused service on account of our glaring lack of a vehicle, we found ourselves scarfing burritos at Riva's.

For a fun and carefree evening of simple thought and questionable choices, Blue Dream Tokin' Blunts fit the bill perfectly.  Just make sure you have some snacks at the ready!

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