Taking The Hit: Black Lime grown by Dicot Farms

Black Lime is an Indica hybrid strain grown by Dicot Farms. The first thing that caught my attention was how sticky and fresh the flower felt. Just pulling the bud apart to put it into my grinder left the tips of my fingers coated in resin. The Black Lime flower has a mossy yellow-green color, with a thick coating of trichomes and dark orange-brown hairs. It smells sweet, like fruit candy or a lime tart, with a touch of mint on the end. I smoked this strain out of a beaker bong with some Hemp wick as my fire source. The smoke was smooth, I think in part due to how nice and moist the flower was, and had a hint of sweet mint in the smoke. I was surprised to notice that I felt very awake, focused, and slightly buzzy with energy. This Indica hybrid is relaxing but definitely not sedative. Overall a great high. 

Black Lime Dicot Farms

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