Taking The Hit: Banner #5 and 9lb Hammer x Cinex Extracts from Beehive Extracts

I got to try a couple strains from Beehive recently and I wanted to review and compare them. I had the Banner #5 and the 9lb Hammer x Cinex.

Banner #5 produced by Beehive Extracts

Banner #5

They said this one was a shatter but it definitely wasn't. Right when I opened the package I could tell it was starting to bond with the paper, so I bought a little silicone dab slick for it. Once I finally got it all in the container it had a whipped consistency, and it dried up a lot over the next week. The flavor was not unpleasant, but not enjoyable either. It had notes of pine and diesel but it wasn't overly strong so it was hard to distinguish. The high was heady and cloudy, good for just getting the job done when you want to get high, or forgetting what you walked in the room for every. single. time.

9lb Hammer x Cinex

I was indeed very satisfied with this one. They also said this was a shatter but it's more like a pull & snap. But it was much easier to get off the paper so I didn't hold it against them this time. The flavor was awesome, it had the classic 9lb Hammer flavor: fruity and sweet with some citrus, and the Cinex seemed to add a floral component. The high was mostly in the body, gentle and calm, great for a movie night and snuggling up on the couch.

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