Taking The Hit: A Timely Perspective

Nana's Fix grown by Kleen Karma Gardens

When I was a kid my primary school took a field trip to the Boise Art Museum. I saw an art piece that has somehow stuck with me this long. The exhibit was about mechanical art in all its forms. This piece was a roller chain all jumbled onto itself, sitting vertically on a table. One end was feeding down into the table through an oil reservoir, and the other end feeding back out and coiling itself on the chain jumble. The new chain took up oil and it cascaded down onto the bundle and back into the reservoir. The chain snaked and meandered into different orientations, shimmering and serene. Our chaperone said it was special because the chain would only be in the same orientation once every 256 thousand years. It seemed like an eternity to me then.


Golden Lemons grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I didn't understand its significance at the time, but now I think I do. Our existence is like that chain. We will never experience the same reality twice. The cosmos will never be in the same orientation twice. Even the most repetitive task will be marked by a different frame of time. Each moment is completely unique, beautiful, and new, and in this way life is a work of art; one observed by the collective soul waiting in the ether. When you laugh, cry, dance, make love, cook a meal, or try something new, your actions shape reality into a wonderful new form. So live fully and live long, because you will never have this moment again.