Taking The Hit: Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

Golden Lemons grown by Renegade Roots

This is such a great strain, and the best I’ve seen from Renegade so far. It has a great lemony flavor profile and hits hard at 22% for less than $10 a gram. I recommend this to most customers looking for a value or just a good indica hybrid. I can speak to the indica lean too, its very relaxing and my boyfriend actually doesn’t like it for that reason. I love indicas though, so... sucks for him I guess. It’s a great buy and I would definitely get it again.

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Taking The Hit: SOG Valley Rose grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose flower grown by Sons of Agronomy

SOG Valley Rose 🌹

In my experience, this flower delivers similar aromas and effects to Chernobyl strains. It gives a strong awakening scent that holds bright lemon diesel notes. The effects are energizing and mood boosting. However, I would caution or pair with CBD for those who are sensitive to anxiety/paranoia. 

The flower’s appearance is also gorgeous too! One could say that its beauty is compareable to a rose. But, I’d rather have/look at a big bush of these flowers then some roses :) 

Treat yourself or perhaps your partner to this alternative rose bouquet 

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Taking The Hit: Strawberry Cough Native Cartridge Produced by Winberry Farms

When I heard we were getting a Strawberry Cough cartridge in, I couldn’t help but bury my head in my hands because I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would make it mine.

Strawberry Cough 1g Native Cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

Strawberry Cough is one of four strains tied for my favorite strain, which means I have high standards and expectations.  The fact that this is a Winberry Native cartridge, rather than a normal Winberry, was imperative in my decision to purchase this.  For those who don’t know, Winberry’s normal lines of cartridges use a distillate made from a blend of strains, then flavored with added terpenes.  The Native line uses only one strain, and that’s the experience I want with my favorite strain.

I used a push-button CO2 battery at medium setting and I’ve found this to be ideal.  The taste is magnificent, like sugared strawberries.  Even when I let a friend try it without telling her the strain name or my experience, she commented that it tastes like strawberries.  I normally take 2-3 puffs for a mild high, but I’ve taken as many as 6 because I enjoyed the taste, and I found that to be a moderate but non-lingering high.

Strawberry Cough 1g Native Cartridge produced by Winberry Farms

The high is a heady cerebral lift, with an smile you cannot fight if you have enough.  Strawberry Cough has a body element as well that comes through in the cartridge.  It’s ideal for hikes where there are beautiful things to see, dancing like no one is watching, as well as cuddling with a loved one.  I would absolutely recommend it to treat depression, though I’d caution against it as a treatment for anxiety.  I experienced a note of paranoia at higher doses, but because of my experience with anxiety I was able to easily deal with it.

All in all, a fun strain that is great for depression and ideal for fun outings with friends.

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Taking The Hit: Jaeger OG grown by Hillside Herbs

Jaeger OG Flower...

Jaeger OG grown by Hillside Herbs

This little 80% Indica was not what I was expecting to be honest.. It had a very fresh earthy lemon sent and an extremely aromatic flavor when smoked. On the inhale I noticed the taste before everything else, what I noticed next was how smooth the hit was, and the exhale tasted almost as floral going out as it did in. 
 In an instant the very gentle feeling of deep relaxation covered me like a blanket and I could feel my body sinking into the couch for what would likely be the remainder of the night. As I sat and watched TV I felt extremely calm and at ease with just a touch of spaciness. After a while the effects seemed to creep up into a stronger couch lock and if left immobile for too long a comforting sedation began to set in. And as my night came to an end I found it almost impossible to keep my eyes open, laying down for bed I finally let this strains effects fizzle out by providing a restful and much needed full night’s sleep.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: 1:1 THC CBD Tincture Produced by TJ's Gardens

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens

I got this product quite a while ago but I really loved it so I decided to review it. I don’t experience much regular pain so my review will be primarily about recreational use. First off, the oil is dark green and tastes strongly of cannabis. I was expecting this, but the taste was still unpleasant at first. My favorite way to consume this tincture was to drip two full droppers on the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. The cannabis flavor actually works pretty well with the cheesy buttery and toasty grilled cheese.

1:1 THC CBD Tincture produced by TJ's Gardens



I really love the way that the CBD and THC work together, for me CBD adds a warmth to the high almost like drinking a beer. My face gets more flushed and my body feels loose and relaxed. Mentally, I get stoned but I’m still able to focus, like driving on cruise control with your shoes off and the windows down with one hand on the wheel. I also liked taking a couple droppers of this right before a hike. You get a nice stoney experience and the CBD primes your muscles for hikin’. Overall it’s a great buy and made me want to recommend 1:1 edibles more often.

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Taking The Hit: Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

The Mimosa flower grown by Higher Minds Horticulture is one of the tastiest flowers I have ever tried! I recommend this strain to everyone because I was SO impressed and pleased with my smoking experience. I would highly recommend this flower to those who are looking for a tasty smoking experience.The flower tastes and smells like a fresh mimosa due to its strong champagne and citrus notes.

Mimosa grown by Higher Minds Horticulture


This flower deserves its own show case too, because it looks like a work of art. These buds rock purple hues with bright orange hairs. This is a top-shelf flower that provides a tasty, smooth, and upbeat experience. This hybrid strain’s high is like enjoying a cool mimosa by the pool because it’s relaxing in the body, while also delivering a bubbly head high. 

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Taking The Hit: Dutch Treat Distillate Cartridge Produced by Orchid Essentials

Dutch Treat 1g distillate cartridge produced by Orchid Essentials

The Dutch Treat Cartridge from Orchid is one of the best quality cartridges I've ever had. The sturdy construction of the capsule itself and the powerful delivery method are worth the difference in price compared to their competition. So many brands fail to have their product thoroughly enjoyed simply because of the physical integrity of their cartridges. A product that is almost as delicate as a glass rig for the home, fails to meet the criteria for "convenient"- at least in the contexts of travel and portability. The flavor is a strong lemon-herb but is not acrid or overwhelming on the palette. It's effects were mellow head high onset and plateaus into an extremely euphoric and jolly stasis. If you are a light cartridge user I could not recommend Orchid more.

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Taking The Hit: Agrestican Haikus Part 5

Remission 1/2g cartridge produced by EVOLVD

A double feature of haikus today! Both of the poems featured today were authored by Horatio Baker. If you want to read previous Agrestican Haikus that we've written click here. 



Grown weeds in the field

are an affront, it is said;

yet here are flowers.



Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread produced by Lux

Diving Deep

When I breath in fire,

It's a cool euphemism

for doing the weeds.


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Taking The Hit: Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract Produced by White Label Extracts

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extract from flower grown by Raw Zen

I've been leaning into extracts as my main source of cannabis lately. Not only do I get better flavor from extracts than flower, but it is also a more discrete form of consumption, and it's better for my body than smoking flower. White Label Extracts is by and far the company that I purchase extracts from the most. White Label has a great range of price points, extracts of different consistencies, a rotating library of strains, and above all else always put out top shelf oils. 

This time around they've created a high terpene extract out of my favorite Sativa strain Sour Tangie. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting a Sour Tangie strain, this is a cross of Tangie and Sour Diesel. Sour Tangie is best known for it's Valencia orange and pine scent and it's mood boosting effects. What's special about this rendition of Sour Tangie, you hypothetically ask. That's where the High Terpene part of the extract comes in, as this has a 9.12% terpene profile! 

Sour Tangie High Terpene Extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Raw Zen. 

Terpenes are aromatic molecules which create scent and flavor. The White Label Sour Tangie has an orange scent, and a syrupy "terp sap" consistency. I love the flavor that I get out of these dabs, and I like to vaporize them at lower temperatures to get the most out of it. This strain has such pleasant effects. The high is energetic without pushing me into anxiousness, it's also euphoric and slightly relaxing. I have a bit of trouble keeping this extract on my dab tool, due to the sauce-like consistency, so I tend to use this dab the most by dipping my other more solid extracts into it. It pulls any strain I'm smoking into a happy, talkative, tasty direction. 

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Taking The Hit: Strawnanna Terp Batter from LTRMN Squeeze

Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

This extract was so delicious I thought it was infused with food grade terpenes! It such an intense fresh smoothie scent, you’d think you just walked into your local Jumba Juice after a blender was used with no lid! As far as the effects go, it was pretty euphoric, relaxing and if you were already tired, you just might be able to go to sleep.  Goodness it was tasty.

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Strawnanna Terp Batter grown by Hapy Kitchen, produced by Umbrella Extracts, and distributed by LTRMN

Taking The Hit: Jelly Breath grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Jelly Breath Flower...

Jelly Breath grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

First I HAVE to say that Higher Minds Horticulture is by far MY FAVORITE grower in Oregon [since the days of Medical in 2014... they've been my favorite] And now, they've created some exciting and delicious new strains!

Jelly Breath is a beautiful 50/50 Hybrid created by crossing the amazing Mendo Breath with the ever tasty Do-Si-Do. The two together makes for one deliciously true Hybrid strain, that can move you in either direction. The aroma is sweet and fruity almost like the smell of berries with a slightly more earthy undertone. The taste, OH THE TASTE! Much to my surprise Jelly Breath had an unmistakably fruity taste that mingled ever so nicely with its smooth yet slight spicy earthiness, and as every hit tasted just as good as the last it only made me wanting more! Now to get to the good stuff... The effects. First I noticed this strain has two sides, much like a coin. On the first side you get an upbeat, very enjoyable, and slightly motivational cerebral boost [but that doesn't last long and is prolonged by lots of movement] but soon you reach the second side and start to fade into this spacey, very relaxed, and sedative couch-lock.

Jelly Breath grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

I had the pleasure of sampling this little beauty after my closing shift which let me off at about 11pm. I came home, sat down, and loaded a huge bowl of Jelly Breath. After smoking about half of my bowl, I decided at 1am that the time to finish building a Snake rack for my Ball Pythons was now! So I did - for the next hour or so I was so motivated and alert of what was going on and exactly what I needed to do to complete this large task. Once I had finished, it looked so great, I felt I was deserving of the remainder of my bowl. As I sat on the couch watching TV in the dark finishing my bowl, I noticed a great wave of deep seeded relaxation washing thru my entire body, bringing me to a much needed deep sleep that left me feeling extremely rested and a tad cramped as I never made it off the couch. Overall this was one of the BEST strains I've had from in my four years of being an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap Produced by White Label Extracts

Amnesia Haze produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

This extract was a stroke of luck for me because I LOVE White Label Extracts and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Amnesia Haze flower from Love Life Farms!!!

This was an amazing dab! I decided that the BEST way to enjoy the effects and flavor of this lovely Pull-N-Snap was with my new-ish Nector Collector. The first thing I noticed was that this product was a pretty stable, but very sticky, slab of Pull-N-Snap with a beautiful light-amber coloration to it; to the point of being able to see through it when held up to the light. And the sweet yet slightly citrus-y aroma definitely complimented the smooth spicy-earthy taste that presented itself when vaporized.

Amnesia Haze Pull-N-Snap extract produced by White Label Extracts from flower grown by Love Life Farms

A wonderfully uplifting burst of energy spread over my entire body as a slightly hazy mind change set in. One of the best things about I noticed about this strain is you can be as active as you want and even the high will help keep you motivated! Personally I've found it most enjoyable when utilized right before a nice leisurely bike ride... with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face that uplifting motivational high just can't be beat.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Kings Pure Kush grown by Kings Cannabis

Kings Pure Kush flower grown by Kings Cannabis

I recently tried the flower Kings Pure Kush by Kings Cannabis. I tend to have a preference for Indicas and this one came highly recommended by the growers who said it was a heavy hitter that had a tendency to bury it's users in the couch. The flower is light green with hues of dark green and the calyxes give rise to dark burgundy almost brown colored  stigmas. On inhale your nose is filled with woody, berry, and floral notes that almost immediately melt into a skunky, sweet musk exhale. The flavor is unique in that the sweetness the smoke produces seems to linger on your lips tasting of berries and floral notes. The effect for me is extremely enjoyable, Its subduing and relaxing without being exhausting. It allowed for me to function in a state of relaxation without feeling like I was on the brink of nodding off. Great strain to listen to music with or enjoy a board games with some friends. 

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Taking The Hit: Black Label Soaking Salts Produced by Empower Bodycare

Black Label Soaking Salts produced by Empower Bodycare.

The empower black label soaking salts are absolutely relaxing and quite the treat. My partner and I both work on our feet all day and I enjoy working out/weight lifting. So we share a pretty active lifestyle together, and by the end of our work weeks we often feel both physically and mentally exhausted. We tried this entire product together one evening in the tub, and we both felt the calming effects from it. So, this entire 4oz. package is potentially able to bring relief for two people.

We both smoked a bowl of tangieland and then soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes at night. We both felt a relaxing and tranquil experience during and after the soak. After soaking in the tub, my body felt soft and melted in the bed like butter. This product helped to relax my body which really helped for sleep. I would recommend these salts to anyone who is looking for some tranquility. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again because I was extremely pleased with the results!

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Taking The Hit: APC Flower Grown by Renegade Roots

APC flower grown by Renegade Roots

APC Flower...


Not only does this little beauty smell sweet and exotic, but it has the most amazing effects! APC is a wonderfully enjoyable 1:1 CBD strain with a slight Indica lean and a true Middle Eastern Landrace background.

The last time I had the pleasure of smoking some APC was more than a year ago [from the same farm luckily] and I have to say what I experienced this Harvest was EXACTLY the same effects as when I had it the first time around. And the ONLY Farm I have ever seen this strain come out of is Renegade Roots and I have to say I LOVE it so much I even got a little Clone to grow out and harvest myself this year!

APC flower grown by Renegade Roots

On the inhale you get a nice and smooth, but earthy flavor with a slightly sweeter exhale that seems to immediately relieve any tension the day has thrown at me. Of course after a few puffs from my double perk bong its Indica side has me on my butt feeling slight sedated, all the while my mind is at ease and I have very little to no discomforts or pains. For me personally, this is a great sleep aid as it has a decent amount of THC as well to help push you into that sleepy more relaxed night time mentality, although this strain has also provided me with great pain relief during daytime use in smaller doses.

- Megz

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Taking The Hit: Hawaiian Meringue Crumble Produced by Apollo Grown

Hawaiian Meringue Crumble grown and produced by Apollo Grown

I really like the extracts from Apollo. Hawaiian Meringue is soft and easy to work with and very tasty. So far I have tried Citrus Cheese and Hawaiian Meringue. It has a very sweet fruity scent and flavor. The Hawaiian Meringue is a little toastier than the Citrus Cheese, meaning it has a slightly harsher and dryer taste. The Citrus Cheese was also sweet and crisp and smooth, and I liked that one a little better. I would definitely buy either of them again though.

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Taking The Hit: Raspberry Sky Distillate Shatter from Winberry Farms

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

This is the second time I've gotten to try the Winberry Farms distillate extracts. The first of their extract strains that I tried was the Tropical Trainwreck, you can find that review here. I was impressed with the flavor and effects of the Tropical Trainwreck, so I jumped on the chance to try the Raspberry Sky.

Raspberry Sky has the same beautiful soft yellow coloring that the Tropical Trainwreck distillate had. It sparkles as it catches the light, and has a consistency like dry clay. Stable at room temperature but easy to crumble and break with a tool.

The flavor was surprisingly similar to real raspberries, though it had a slightly more candied flavor than actual raspberries. It was like how I imagine a real life blue raspberry would taste. It had a very nice smooth smoke, and thanks to some recent upgrades to my dabbing equipment, I was able to dab it at a low temperatures. 

Raspberry Sky distillate shatter produced by Winberry Farms

As far as the effects go, this was certainly a more sativa strain than the Tropical Trainwreck distillate was. I was clear headed and functional on this strain, and filled with energy to do things (read: clean my house and play games). Sometimes, if I smoked a bit too much at once, I would notice a slight headache from being too high. It's easy to do with this strain, as it tests at 82.9% THC. 

A fun strain while it lasted! Now I just need to try the Guava OG!

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Taking The Hit: CBD 1:1 Transdermal Patch Produced by Synergy Skin Worx

CBD 1:1 Transdermal Patch produced by Synergy Skin Workx

I’ve been hunting for transdermal patches for a while now, but with 1:1 being so high in demand relative to stock, it’s been nearly impossible finding them.  Now that I’ve tried one, I’m thrilled that it’s regular stock on our shelves.

I cut my patch into four squares.  I’ll cut my next one into six, making this highly economical for even a homeostatic goal (daily wear).  The activation time read 60 minutes, but my effects came on so quickly that I initially wrote them off as placebo - only about 10-15 minutes, with unquestionable effects by 20 minutes.  It is worth noting that I am relatively small (125 lb) with a fast metabolism and a moderate tolerance.

The first effects I felt were gentle rolling waves of ease and relaxation.  Noticeable, but subtle enough to be brushed off.  Over time, however, the sensations intensified and a pleasant body high made itself known.  I didn’t feel couch-locked, just floaty and a bit dreamy.  At times it was in the background an at others I basically couldn’t focus on anything else.

These effects lasted from when I applied the patch at 9pm until I went to bed around 1am.  When I woke up, the effects were still present, but muted.  It was easy to go about my day feeling relatively unhindered.  It wasn’t until the effects faded around 9pm that I realized I hadn’t felt any issues that would make me need to smoke.  I didn’t feel high (except for mild haziness), I just felt fine.  I do recommend starting slow as I also tried applying half of the patch rather than a quarter, and the experience was very unpleasant until I removed part of the patch.

I would recommend this for people with chronic issues ranging from pain to mood disorders, who smoke frequently to treat their ailments.  I recommend applying it at night so that the stronger effects happen outside work and responsibilities, and so they can be slept through if the person doesn’t enjoy being high.

Overall, a great experience and medical too!  

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Taking The Hit: Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap Produced by Tree Honey

Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap produced by Tree Honey

This is the first extract I've had the chance to try from Tree Honey. Tree Honey, produced by Claywolf, is usually a slightly darker or less stable oil than the traditional Claywolf brand of extracts. I got to try the strain Brain Freeze, which is a Sativa hybrid extract with a Pull-N-Snap consistency. The oil has an amber/orange coloring to it, and is definitely on the tackier side of a Pull-N-Snap. I found that popping it in my fridge when I wasn't using it helped to solidify the oil when I was using it to dab. I'm not sure if it's the paper that Tree Honey is using or the oil itself, but the oil did not want to let go, and I may have torn a hole or two in the paper trying to get it off.

Brain Freeze Pull-N-Snap produced by Tree Honey

My favorite part of this oil is the taste. It tastes very much like cloves, hops, and wood, and has just as much flavor as Claywolf's original line. It seriously reminds me of pumpkin pie spice when I taste it. For a Sativa hybrid it gives me quite a strong head change, and it triggers my appetite so I like to smoke it when I know I'm going to have a meal or a snack. It is not sedative, but I wouldn't say it gave me a particular burst of energy either. 

Brain Freeze tests at 66.4% THC, and sells for R$21 per gram. After trying this, I will be picking up new Tree Honey strains in the future.

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Taking The Hit: VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge from Quill

"The Quill is Mightier than the Pen."

VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge produced by Quill

This beautiful and FULLY recyclable vape pen definitely brings a new level to discreetly medicating while on the go. Thanks to its small size and sleek silver appearance, this pen can be easily concealed within a purse or pocket [although we never recommend leaving vape pens in one's pocket].

Filled with 0.75g of premium CO2 extract and paired with a bright white light at the bottom to display a draw effect, this pen is perfect for short or long pulls and is crazy easy to adjust your dosage. Fist off, I noticed the strain itself was exceptionally beneficial! Not only did it massively relieve every discomfort I was experiencing [i.e. lower back pain, headaches, & menstrual cramping to be specific], but it also provided a wonderful dose of a full on body/mind relaxation. Due to the high amounts of CBD within this strain VC/DC makes for a great option for anyone looking to Medicate without speculation.

VC/DC 0.75g disposable cartridge produced by Quill

VC/DC was created through crossing Viper City OG x AC/DC to produce a wonderful 2:1 CBD strain that presents with a nicely rounded high. And finally, when your pen has ran out of extract to vape it will alert you by brightly flashing its bottom white light, so that way you know it is time for it to be recycled. Recycling is easy, as all you need to do is bring the used cartridge back to the shop.

- Megz

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