Deal of the Day! 10.09.18

Agrestic North's Deal of the Day is Crater Lake! Crater Lake is a 50/50 Hybrid strain grown by our sister farm Renegade Roots. On sale for R $7.20 / M $6 from R $8.40 / M $7, Crater Lake tests at 13.86% THC.

Agrestic South's Deal of the Day is Jack Herer! Jack Herer is an 80% Sativa strain grown by Rebel Spirit. On sale for R $10.80 / M $9 from R $12 / M $10, Jack Herer tests at 19.76% THC.

Tight Dojo grown by Renegade Roots

Renegade Hour is from 12 PM to 2PM and 7PM to 9PM everyday of the week. During Renegade Hour every strain grown by Renegade Roots is M$2 off each gram!! Currently at The Agrestic North we have the Renegade Root strains: Green Moon Cheese, Palpatine, Crater Lake, Golden Lemons, Slymer, and Taffie! At The Agrestic South we currently have: Green Moon Cheese, Mickey Kush, and Taffie!