Taking The Hit: Grease Monkey WPR Honeycomb extract from White Label Extracts

Grease Monkey WPR Honeycomb extact produced by White Label Extract. Made from flower grown by Oregon Greens.

A couple months ago I tried Grease Monkey flower for the first time and I couldn't stop talking about it. Now White Label Extracts has taken one of my new found favorite strains and transformed it into a Whole Plant Run BHO Honeycomb which is a beautiful brown sugar, patty-like crumble consistency. I love the Whole Plant Run extracts because you're getting everything that plant has to offer and you can really feel that when you're smoking it!

It tastes exactly how the Grease Monkey flower smells, like gas fueled sweetness. I really felt the whole spectrum of effects in this extract, it gave me a flawless transition from uplifting and mind clearing to relaxation and couch-lock. The experience coincided perfectly with the transition of evening to dusk and finished out nicely as a gentle, slow descend into twilight.