Taking The Hit: Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

I was really excited to finally see some Higher Minds flower back on our shelves, and even happier when I got a nice little sample of their Super Silver Blue Magoo! I packed some of this into my bowl before sitting down to watch Planet Earth 2.

Initially I was really disappointed with the taste, as Super Silver Haze has one of my favorite terpene profiles, and this flower was pretty 'meh' tasting. (One thing I had noticed though was that when I got up for some water and came back to my room, it smelt absolutely wonderful in there.) After just a few hits I could feel myself actually waking up which almost never happens for me, even when smoking super strong Sativa's. The high started with an extremely uplifting head high and I felt really focused on the show and what was happening, while still being pretty spacey at the same time in that every once in a while I'd go on a sort of though-tangent about some random animal's predicament only to realize it was on the next scene already. As I kept smoking I started to feel more of the giggly and relaxing effects of Blue Magoo and ended up falling asleep not long after. It really for me felt like a nice hybrid which is about what I expected from this cross. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking to just sit back and chill with some friends, watch TV, or play games.