Deal of the Day! 04.03.18

Grapefruit Diesel grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis. Also featured is the Elephant Bubbler available at The Agrestic North.

Agrestic North's Deal of the Day is Grapefruit Diesel! Grapefruit Diesel is an 85% Indica strain grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis. On sale for R $10.80 / M $9 from R $12 / M $10, Grapefruit Diesel tests at 20.17% THC.

Agrestic South's Deal of the Day is Nice Cherry! Nice Cherry is an Indica strain grown by Applegate River Roots. On sale for R $6 / M $5 from R $7.20 / M $6, Nice Cherry tests at 22.78% THC.

Nice Cherry grown by Applegate River Roots.





Renegade Hour is from 12 PM to 2PM and 7PM to 9PM everyday of the week. During Renegade Hour every strain grown by Renegade Roots is M$2 off each gram!! Currently at The Agrestic North we have the Renegade Root strains: Hell's Fire OG, Slymer, and McGrupp! At The Agrestic South we currently have: Hell's Fire OG and Slymer!