Deal of the Day! 01.17.18

Super Silver Blue Magoo grown by Higher Minds Horticulture

At North and South today our Deal of the Day is Super Silver Blue Magoo! Super Silver Blue Magoo is a Sativa hybrid strain grown by Higher Minds Horticulture. Super Silver Blue Magoo is on sale for R $13.20 / M $11 from R $14.40 / M $12. Super Silver Blue Magoo tests at 17.8% THC.



Hell's Fire OG grown by Renegade Roots



Renegade Hour is from 12 PM to 2PM and 7PM to 9PM everyday of the week. During Renegade Hour every strain grown by Renegade Roots is M$2 off each gram!! Currently at The Agrestic North and South we have the Renegade Root strains Hell's Fire OG, Slymer, McGrupp, and Truck Stop Cookies!


Double Dream grown by Pistil Point

Upcoming events include our January Vendor Days! This month we are featuring the lovely people from Pistil Point! Based out of Portland, Oregon, Pistil Point is a premium cannabis producer and extractor, with one of the largest indoor cannabis farms in the Pacific Northwest. 

Pistil Point will be at The Agrestic South from 1PM to 6PM on Saturday, January 20th. 

During their Vendor Day Pistil Point will be debuting their new vape pen: G-Pen! They will also be bringing a wide variety of flower at a special Vendor Day price!