Taking The Hit: 4PLAY Sensual Oil from Empower BodyCare

4PLAY Sensual Oil made by Empower BodyCare

Product Tried: Empower BodyCare's 4PLAY Sensual Oil. 

Use: Relief from menstrual cramps.

Amount consumed: Three sprays onto the cotton at the tip of a feminine hygiene product

Time span: I felt complete relief from the pain I was experiencing and a sensation of numbness to the area applied in less than 5 minutes!!! Wow! The pain was completely gone for about 4+ hours, but the cramps were significantly less than before I used the product for a good while after that as well. Numbness also lasted about the same time length.

Other intoxicants consumed:  One bowl in my bong of Silver Train consumed about 5 minutes AFTER I felt the complete pain relief and numbness described earlier.

4PLAY Sensual Oil made by Empower BodyCare

What I expected:  I expected the activation time to be much longer and pain to only subside, so I was very pleasantly surprised!

What I got: Relief from pain caused by menstrual cramps and the numbness sensation mentioned, but I also gained solace from something that at times can cause me extreme discomfort/pain!

Overall score: 9/10! Only problem I can think of is that the spray mechanism is sometimes hard to be accurate with.