What's New?! North 10.23.17

Did you know that the scent of your cannabis can predict the effects of the high? Aromatic molecules called terpenes create both the scent of your cannabis and can help you find a high tailored to your needs. Leafly has a great write up of the most common terpenes here

At North today our Strain of the Day is NYC Diesel! NYC Diesel is a Sativa hybrid strain grown by The Agrestic’s own Renegade Roots. NYC Diesel is reduced today from R $7.20 / M $6 to R $6 / M $5. NYC Diesel tests at 12.29% THC.

At North we have added:

  • Cannaland 1g In-house Pre-rolls

  • Spirit in the Sky 1/2g In-house Pre-rolls

More information about any of these products can be found on The Agrestic North’s Weedmap page which can be found at : https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/the-agrestic-2-2#/menu

At North we have removed:

  • Green Cush 1/2g In-house Pre-rolls

  • Trinidad OG flower from Cascade Valley Cannabis