What's New?! South 10.7.17

When I see the rain

Everything takes on the same

Steel toned coloring

At South today our Strain of the Day is Jack Herer!  Jack Herer is a Sativa strain grown by Rebel Spirit. This delightfully piney Jack Herer is reduced today from R $13.20 / M $11 to R $12 / M $10. Jack Herer tests at 18.02% THC.

At South we have added:

  • Apricot Helix 1g In-house Pre-rolls

  • Northern Lights 1/2g In-house Pre-rolls

  • Mango Kush flower from Cultivated Industries

  • Lemon Skunk flower from Cultivated Industries

  • Sour Blackberry CBD Gummiez from Smokiez

  • Jack Herer 1/2g In-house Pre-rolls

More information about any of these products can be found on The Agrestic South’s Weedmap page which can be found at : https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/the-agrestic-2#/menu

And we have removed:

  • Hypnos 30mL Tincture from TJ’s Gardens

  • Sour Diesel 1/2g distillate cartridge from Shango

  • B-Gum 1/2g distillate cartridge from Shango

  • OG Kush 1/2g distillate cartridge from Shango

  • XJ-13 1g distillate cartridge from Shango

  • Goji OG 1g In-house Pre-rolls

  • Jagger 1g TKO Kingpin Pre-rolls

  • Silvertip extract from White Label Extracts