What's New?! North 9.23.17

Howdy-do Neighborinos, we at The Agrestic have started up a blog. Every day we’re going to be posting a What’s New for our North and South locations. This is going to be where we can tell you what our sales are for the day, what’s new on the menu, and also what’s been removed. Let’s get to it!

At North today our Strain of the day is Corazon! This beautiful bud is reduced today from R $16.80 / M $14 to R $14.40 / M $12. Corazon is a High CBD Sativa strain grown by Yerba Buena that tests at 12.93% CBD and 0.22% THC.

At North we have added:

  • Teen clones from Renegade Roots in the strains:

    • Bandersnatch

    • Blue City Diesel

    • Orange Julius

    • Rainbow Pebbles

    • The Tangie

    • Doc

    • LA Woman

    • Dairy Queen

    • Truck Stop Cookies

    • Lovelace

    • Kiwi Gangster

More information about the genetics and grow times of our Renegade Roots clones can be found at : http://www.renegaderoots.com/menu-aviator/

  • S.W. Kush Flower from Rebel Spirit

  • Sour Cherry Sherb. TKO Kingpin Pre-rolls

  • MTF TKO Kingpin Pre-rolls

  • OG Kush TKO Kingpin Pre-rolls

More information about any of these products can be found on The Agrestic North’s Weedmap page which can be found at : https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/the-agrestic-2-2#/menu

At North we have removed:

  • Apricot Helix Teen Clone from Renegade Roots

  • Bandersnatch Teen Clone from Renegade Roots

  • GG #4 In-House Pre-rolls

  • Green Apple Hard Candies from Smokiez

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