Deal of the Day! 12.23.17

Green Ribbon grown by Cannassentials

At North today our Deal of the Day is Orange Chicken! Orange Chicken is a 50/50 hybrid strain grown by Green Cross Specialties. Orange Chicken is reduced today from R $8.40 / M $7 to R $7.20 / M $6. Orange Chicken tests at 15.1% THC.

At South today our Deal of the Day is Grapefruit Diesel! Grapefruit Diesel is an Indica strain grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis. Grapefruit Diesel is reduced today from R $12 / M $10 to R $10.80 / M $9.      Grapefruit Diesel tests at 20.17% THC and       0.16% CBD.

Holiday hours:

The Agrestic North and The Agrestic South will both be open from 9am to 3pm on December 24th, and they will both be closed on December 25th. 

Super Jack grown by Pistil Point

Upcoming events include our January Vendor Days! This month we are featuring the lovely people from Pistil Point! Based out of Portland, Oregon, Pistil Point is a premium cannabis producer and extractor, with one of the largest indoor cannabis farms in the Pacific Northwest. 

Representatives from Pistil Point will be on site at The Agrestic North on Saturday, January 13th, and they will be at The Agrestic South on Saturday, January 20th. We will be announcing soon the time window they will be in the shop.