Taking The Hit: Dab Society Shatter

Headband x Blue Magoo produced by Dab Society. Extract made from flower grown by Yerba Buena. 

Dab Society has been extracting high quality oils since before the days of recreational extract sales. They've done an amazing job maintaining the same high quality of product while continuing to grow into the large industry presence they are now. Dab Society works with some of the best flower companies in Oregon, names such as Yerba Buena and Applegate River Roots adorn their packaging so the customer can feel confident that the cannabis they consume, comes from a good place.

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, we have begun to see an increase of quality extracts and flower, meaning prices have begun to fall on these products. Dab Society is no exception and their premium extracts have fallen in price down to $25 medical, that's just $30 after tax! It's a very exciting time for dabbing fans indeed. Considering at the beginning of this year, similar products were regularly going for as high as $60 medical! No one currently knows where the prices will even out, but if this trend continues, it will feel like Christmas all year long.

Silver Hawk produced by Dab Society. Extract made from flower grown by Yerba Buena.

Dab Societies sister company 'Hood Oil' has also graced our shelves once again with a new low price of just $20 medical, $24 after tax. Offering an affordable solution to all of your extract cravings. We are proud to work with a company that is obsessed with quality as Dab Society, and happy to include 9 strains of their Premium runs and 7 strains of the hood oil on our menu. If you are looking for high quality extracts for a price worth noticing, swing on by either of our two stores and speak with your budtender today!