Taking The Hit: Skunk Dawg extract from Hood Oil

Two Dabs Too Deep

Skunk Dawg extract from Hood Oil

This oil had a very STRONG nose on it. When I first opened the package it reminded me of the smell you get when you pass a skunk on the highway. Gross and nostalgic all at once. Along with a strong cheese smell. The oil itself was a little “goopier” than the other shatters that I have seen from Hood Oil, but smoked great regardless.

When I initially took the first dab I used my dabbing bowl and nectar collector, and I just went for it. I took the biggest dab my lungs could hold. To my surprise I didn’t get a throat tickle at all and was able to take a really fat hit, with little to no coughing. It was awesome that I could experience the whole dab start to finish and the beauty it had to show me. The head feeling was heavy, instantly I felt my eyes droop farther down, a smile crept across my face, and the euphoric tingle that the Skunk Dawg had to offer was amazing as it consumed my mind. So naturally, I took another dab. After all what kind of connoisseur stops after one taste, right? Well, needless to say the second dab was just as amazing and I wish I could fully tell you about the high that I experienced riding those two dabs to victory. Alas, I was stricken with an overwhelming feeling of sedation. I could feel myself struggling to keep my eyelids open, then I told that lie to myself that we all do when we try to fight sleep:

“I’ll just close my eyes for a second.”

Skunk Dawg from Hood Oil

Regardless to this oil being labeled a Sativa, the next thing that happened was me waking up at 3am to the sight of my fiancé playing video games in our room and realizing I still had my glasses on….

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an oil that packs a punch and has a nice euphoric stone that can easily put you down for the count. It surely did the trick for me! It has an awesome nose of a skunk/cheese hybrid and really floral, delicious taste. I recommend putting it in the freezer for a few minutes while you prep your dab station before trying to get it off the parchment paper.


Skunk Dawg is a Sativa according to HOOD OIL.

Total THC: 65.0% or 650mg which breaks down to about 32.5mg per serving.

The flower for this run of HOOD OIL came from Applegate River Roots.

If you are going by the recommended serving size, out of a full gram you should be able to get x20 dabs.

Priced at The Agrestic South for $24 Rec | $20 Med.