Taking The Hit: Truck Stop Cookies Clones from Renegade Roots!!!

Sweet Space Baby Clone from Renegade Roots

I'm very much an amateur when it comes to cannabis cultivation, so when I finally got around to investing in my own grow equipment, I knew I'd want to start out growing a strain that offered little in the way of challenges and lots in the way of terpenes and yield!

Enter: Truck Stop Cookies, currently available from Renegade Roots, a lovely Purple Diesel x C. Monster cross that finishes in nine weeks and certainly isn't finicky - I tried my best but am no green-thumb, and still managed to yield three-quarters of a pound of righteously tasty cannabis from my four-plant garden with absolutely minimal effort!! No pest problems, no powdery mildew, nada! 😀

The flavor was sweet from the Cookies background, with a pleasant gassy funk note from the Diesel, and the smoke offered a really nicely balanced high that lasted a good spell. 


I'd highly recommend clones from Renegade Roots to any grower, newbie or veteran. With the stable of genetics growing all the time, there's bound to be a strain that'll pique your interest!! Available in limited quantities at our south location, or visit our dedicated Clone Room at our North store!!!