Taking The Hit: Tangieland from Cascade Valley Cannabis

Tangieland grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

While my brother was in town visiting we decided to stock up for our camping trip in the great Oregon outdoors with some Tangieland by Cascade Valley Cannabis! We rolled up and smoked a joint right before going on a hike and it probably come out to be between a half gram - one gram. Not long after we started walking we found ourselves having a very impromptu, low-talent parkour-off on a log. Once we ran out of moves to show off we kept moseying and really just enjoyed laughing and stopping to look at random bits of nature.

This strain is definitely really fun and creative. We both felt a much stronger cerebral high compared to body. I've always found Cannaland to be really creative and once you add the Tangie in, it gives the high a really nice lift to keep you energized. I tend to get really sleepy coming down off of certain strains and I didn't feel hazy or sleepy after effects from Tangieland at all. Would totally recommend to anyone looking to have a good, fun, daytime smoke!